120kWh primary battery as add-on module

120kWh primary battery as add-on module

Most of the discussion about post-lithium secondary batteries deals about high volumetric/gravimetric energy-dense batteries but all of them are based on monovalent Li+, divalent Mg2+ or trivalent Al3+ and there is one specific active material VB2 vanadium diboride capable to exchange 11e- and by volumetric density 32.000Wh/l outperforms gasoline 9.800Wh/l by factor x3. VB2/air based primary battery is non-rechargeable but due the very high energy density Wh/l it could be used as type a) add-on module activated by TESLA software which re-charge main battery b) safety range-extender or c) instant charger just by inserting VB2 cell into TESLA.

Due the low cost KOH/NaOH electrolyte and compact size VB2 add-on battery module could easy add +120kWh to the main battery pack for the cost under 75€/kWh. Discharged VB2 cells could be chemically recharged by hydrogen so used modules could be recycled re-charged and re-used.

chhartwig | March 31, 2016

Dood, you're too smart for the likes of me. Can you translate for the average mind?

Dramsey | March 31, 2016

Vanadium boride batteries were described in 2007.

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