Model 3 battery size

Model 3 battery size

There was a threat from me some time back where I was making some guesses about the minimum battery size for model 3 and I was laughed about.

But lets review again :)

Model S 70D have a range of 275miles or 254Wh/mile avg
Model 3 would have a range of 215 miles rated . If we assume 20% less consumption (which is a good guess as they aim at 0.2 drag coef alongside with smaller frontal area + 20% smaller car.
We can safely assume then that Model 3 avg would be in the 200Wh/mile range. That makes exactly 43KWh battery.
Knowing that the car will be ligther and more efficient probably I think its pretty save to guess 40 or 45 KW battery.

Red Sage , may be take your words back :)


Red Sage ca us | April 5, 2016

The EPA website shows the Model S 70D with a 330 Wh per mile consumption rate...

And the Model S 70 with a 380 Wh per mile consumption rate.

Those numbers probably include induction losses from charging.

That reduces to a range of consumption at between 281 to 323 Wh per mile.

I'm a happy person. I enjoy laughing. You should try it.

daniel.rawsteel | April 5, 2016

I don't see the logic here. it doesn't matter what EPA website shows for model s consumption.
The RATED mileage is 275 right ?
However is that achieved is subject to the actual test being done to get this rating , which includes city/highway and mixed driving test.

the same RATED mileage of Model 3 was said to be at least 215

using SAME rating technique. Now its borderline IMPOSSIBLE the model S to get 275 with 70KW and Model 3 to get 215 with 60KW (your estimate) because that would mean that the consumption of model 3 IS ACTUALLY MUCH HIGHER than model S

I find that impossible

Chunky Jr. | April 5, 2016

There is already another thread about this.

Red Sage ca us | April 7, 2016

daniel.rawsteel: Dude. If memory serves, all your numbers for Model S 70D are WRONG. Hence, why I wasn't going to bother with this thread at all. I'd much rather just let it die than point out your errors.