Got this today


Tesla Weekend Social
We are excited to invite you to the launch of the Tesla Weekend Social series at your nearest Tesla location.

This new event series was designed exclusively for owners. Over a light breakfast, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with Tesla product experts, learn more about latest product features and speak with fellow owner enthusiasts. We look forward to seeing you this month as we take a closer look at Summon.

To find the event nearest you, select a date below.

Starts 10 AM all locations till noon

Saturday, April 16th
Sunday, April 17th
Saturday, April 30th
Sunday, May 1st

vperl | April 14, 2016

Guess I was the sole, singular person to get the invite.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

elguapo | April 14, 2016

I got it too. I am going 4/17. They said the focus is Summon. Not sure that's really interesting to me, but I want to see what the event is like.

Brian Vicars | April 14, 2016

I am going to Yorkville, Toronto on Sunday, May 1st. I am not sure why I am considered an owner since my SUV doesn't arrive for a least 10 weeks. Oh no, does this mean my vehicle is depreciating already? I haven't even driven it off the Tesla lot.

snlnk | April 14, 2016

Going to Seaside-Monterey 4/17.

vperl | April 14, 2016

My P90DL five seater is smoke, I got the RESERVATION, go figure.

I expect delivery by year end.

rdainer | April 14, 2016

I'm going on 4/17 too - Mmall - you too @elguapo? So what if I don't have my car yet :) I got the invite so...

elguapo | April 14, 2016

@rdainer Yes! That's what I am going to as well. I think if you confirmed or took delivery, then you got the invite.

I have no idea how they'll fit people at the store. I am afraid it will be packed.

Odelle8 | April 14, 2016

Going on the 17th in Burlingame. Anyone else?

rdainer | April 14, 2016

sweet! ok then I'll look for you, wear a sign with @elguapo on it or something :)

Redmiata98 | April 14, 2016

Going to Tyco road on the 17th, anyone else?

aesculus | April 14, 2016

This looks a bit like the one some of us got invited to at the factory last weekend. Maybe that was the test drive event?

aesculus | April 14, 2016

I meant test drive as first test of the event, not an actual test drive.

NumberOne | April 14, 2016

I will be at Tyco Rd.

elguapo | April 14, 2016

@rdainer I will be wearing my usual sombrero. Can't miss it.

r.hauser | April 14, 2016

Got the invite today also. Going 4/17 Sunnyvale. Anyone else to Sunnyvale?

Gary an Rachel | April 14, 2016

This does look similar to the factory even recently. If so it should not be packed. More of a relaxed and informal setting. No lines, or podium, just a chance to mingle and ask any questions. They may not have all the answers but it seems that they will really try. This invite was for a light breakfast at the local Service Center. I see where Walnut Creek is having a new, second Grand Opening. Not sure if they have moved a bit in the shopping center or a refresh of the original location. That shopping center has been doing some big construction changes in that area. If your still waiting for your car this will let you have full access to vehicles and hopefully a MX.

rdainer | April 14, 2016

@leonard and redmiata - I'll be going to Montgomery mall so will miss you at Tyco.

@elguapo ill find you then :)

@garyanrachel they will have an X there?

elguapo | April 14, 2016

If this is just an event to ask questions, it's useless. No offense, but all of us here know more than the people who work at the stores and most of the DS team.

I was hoping it would be like the tech talks they did with the S a couple of years ago. I have nothing to ask a TM employee, unless it's one of the 5-10 people in CA who have real answers.

Again, no offense, and I appreciate the gesture from TM, but every time I have interacted with a TM store employee I've been baffled by their lack of knowledge.

I may go as an X owner just to help others who want X answers or to see an X...

vperl | April 14, 2016


Thought you would be the guy with HORNS on your cap, DANCING.

Big T | April 14, 2016

I guess I'm antisocial. No invite for me.

vperl | April 14, 2016

Owners, or reservation holders that confirmed, as far as one can tell.

But, one has no real data.

RiyazMomin | April 14, 2016

Tentative for 4/17 at Montgomery Mall - it all depends on the baby :)

aesculus | April 14, 2016

@Big T: I did not get one either but did get the invite to the factory event last weekend that sounds somewhat similar. Where did you take possession?

@elguapo: This was exactly why I did not got to last weekends event. Had hey offered up a designer or someone who was willing to talk about the why, not just the what, I would have gone. Or had they been interested in our feedback. Since it was at the factory I thought it would be a good idea. It seems Gary went from another thread and it was not very informative if you follow these threads and/or the ones over at TMC.

Waldek | April 14, 2016

anyone going to go to Costa Mesa on 17th? I RSVP wife and myself :) hopefully they take comments for summon - does not work well for my garage. i am planning to make some video to show them what i mean :) I hope it gets forwarded to some team that work on improvements :)

Lubdub | April 14, 2016

April 17 Corte Madera
I sent in a reservation, did not get a response or confirmation.
Anyone get a confiration?

jpcompetello | April 14, 2016

Got the invite. Wish they would concentrate on QC rather than buy coffee and doughnuts. Will go to Manhasset anyway--free 'light' breakfast....

Triggerplz | April 15, 2016

Tesla Weekend Social...That sounds like it should be music playing and some slow dancing going on there..

Brian Vicars | April 15, 2016

If you ordered ludicrous mode, you get a glazed doughnut.

darlin | April 15, 2016

I did not get any invite either, still waiting on my X and have ordered a 3. Wow, you must be special to get invite or is it only for P owners?

Brian Vicars | April 15, 2016

@darlin. Reconfirm your faith in Elon vision of Tesla's future & your email invite will arrive a few minutes later.

darlin | April 15, 2016

Found my invite in the spam folder???

Anyway, thanks for posting this or I would have missed the email. Anyone going to the Bethesda Event? If so, which date? Looking to see an X up close. I am sure those that have one will attend with it.

I wonder if any Delivery Specialists will be there to answer some "when am I getting my X questions?".

rdainer | April 15, 2016

@darlin I'm
Going to Montgomery mall on Sunday

@elguapo go so we can meet!!

darlin | April 15, 2016

This Sunday the 17th? Checking my schedule now to see what jobs I have this Sunday.

Big T | April 15, 2016

Rdainer, you will know elguapo because he will be the most handsome man at the event.

ernie | April 15, 2016

Got the invite, but the hyperlink did not work to RSVP.

NumberOne | April 15, 2016

It may have worked. I tried for the 17th and the 1st. In fact I clicked 3 times for the 1st, just for good measure, since I got no confirmation message.

rdainer | April 15, 2016

@ernie it didn't work for me on my phone - had to go to a laptop

NumberOne | April 15, 2016

I too had to go to a laptop, but still am not sure whether the actual RSVP went through since there was no confirmation message.

ernie | April 15, 2016

I doubt seriously that anyone got a confirmation. I think the e-mail was flawed. None of my computers were able to get another window to pop up or any confirmation of contact.

vperl | April 15, 2016

I got a confirmation with two guests

Try again, tried four times it finally went througj

vperl | April 15, 2016

Big T, loads of bro love going on....

darlin | April 15, 2016

Ok, I can not leave until 8:30 to 8:45 so I will be about 1/2 late. I hope to see many of you there and those that have an X, please, please bring it so I can see one in person.

Gary an Rachel | April 15, 2016

Just finished washing and polishing X. It should look nice for those who have not seen an X yet. These events are new and I think Tesla is looking to see how much interest this will bring. So like all things beta, I want to support the Service Centers if I can. I think if turnouts are successful that they will bring in special guest engineer's and such to answer the big questions.

vperl | April 15, 2016

Hope there is a MX at my store, taking prospective buyers.

If I had five more slots, the store would rack up a few more sales, no actual MX, they are not used to buying smoke.

rdainer | April 16, 2016

@darlin doesn't it start at 10?

vperl | April 16, 2016

Look at the very first post about starting time.

elguapo | April 16, 2016

@rdainer and @darlin I may not be able to make it as I have some kid events that cropped up. I will do my best. It does begin at 10:00am.

vperl | April 16, 2016


Gary an Rachel | April 16, 2016

rdainer, I'm not sure what Walnut Creek will have to show folks, seems MX's are at some centers already. I can say that I'll bring an "X" for sure. The parking lot is a bit of a walk i think.

As for getting invites I have a theory, I have been to 3 places to have a test drive while waiting for delivery and at each location they made a copy of my drivers license and asked for our email. Once in the system at the SC I think you get on a short list for inventations . JMO

Odelle8 | April 16, 2016

I should have my X by May 1st for the WC event.