Hilarious GeM!

Hilarious GeM!

Posted on the Model S Forum and recommended I share on Model 3 side. Again, thanks to @velnosju for mentioning the following link in the "GM's Response To Model 3's Reservations" thread.

Funny, but politically incorrect in so many ways. I take no credit because "...I know nothing" (name that TV show?).

Red Sage ca us | April 15, 2016

This, I really truly enjoyed. I knew someone would do it before long. Apologies to fans of the original material, 'Downfall' (2004).

And for those who may have missed it, an oldie, but a goodie: | April 15, 2016

Go recharge your cars.

Chunky Jr. | April 15, 2016

> I know nothing

Sgt. Shultz in Hogan's Heroes!

Bluesday Afternoon | April 15, 2016

@Chunky Jr.

Yes! One of my favorite TV shows.

Red Sage ca us | April 16, 2016

For those of you who know how to whistle...? Please note that the theme song for 'The Great Escape' rolls nicely into the theme song for 'Hogan's Heroes'... And vice-versa!

Shepbob | April 16, 2016

Yes, and Gilligan's Island theme is interchangeable with Amazing Grace. File that away as today's useless factoid...

Chunky Jr. | April 16, 2016

@Simply Red : this is the best Hogan's Heroes reference ever - Colonel Klink as Homer Simpson's guardian angel.

Archesfarm | April 16, 2016

V amusing!

Red Sage ca us | April 16, 2016

shepbob: Nice! I already had that one filed under 'Brain Lint'... It's literally... amazing... to watch people's faces as they try to figure out why the verses are so familiar when you are singing the 'Gilligan's Island' them song to the tune of 'Amazing Grace'. It even perplexed one of my Cousins who is a professional musician.

Chunky Jr.: Thanks! I added that to my 'Pure COMEDY' playlist on YouTube.


Chunky Jr. | April 16, 2016

@Red Sage : the whole episode is great. more cameos from Col Klink and references to Hogan's Heroes.

b.tesla | April 17, 2016

Totally awesome! And after the way GM last treated me and my lemon, I can't help but LOL at how true the parody / analogy is.