Model 3 order jump queue

Model 3 order jump queue

It was said that you can jump queue for the model 3 if you are owner of model S.

Does this apply if you bought a brand new model S from Tesla or also if you own one bought as a second hand car?

afestini | May 18, 2016

Good question. I believe the idea was to reward those that supported Tesla in the past by buying one of their cars before. Technically, buying a second hand car doesn't give Tesla any additional money. In practice, the previous owner might have used your money to buy another Tesla.

In short: while possible, I wouldn't count on it and consider it unlikely. Might depend on whether it's about "brand loyalty" or "financial support".

Badbot | May 18, 2016

I think it was said owns a tesla. not must have owned since new.
You should call customer service and ask. give them the Vin if needed | May 18, 2016

This just gave me an idea. If I get a job working for Tesla, maybe I can jump the queue. I'm 79 now. Should I lie about my age?

Red Sage ca us | May 18, 2016

President georgehawley: Always be proud of nearing the 45th anniversary of your 35th birthday!

mntlvr23 | May 18, 2016

@George - lol, maybe age should be a priority also. People over 100 years old should definitely get theirs first, followed by those in their nineties, followed by those in their eighties. That should trump West Coast people

Badbot | May 20, 2016

swap your digits 97. then call age discrimination.