Front row seat option, room for 6 adults?

Front row seat option, room for 6 adults?

Is it still legal to have a front row seating for 3? They had it in the impala till 05 and that's the last car I remember that had this option. It won't look that nice but would be a cool option to seat 6 "skinny" adults in decent comfort. Personally, I wouldn't get it as I don't need it and prefer a center console. Would anyone here be interested in this option? | May 19, 2016

I don't think is has ever been illegal so long as you have seat belts for each passenger. I expect few if any manufactures bothers with bench seating anymore since so few are ordered in that configuration when it was offered (mostly in trucks). I do not expect a front bench seat it in any Tesla.

PaceyWhitter | May 19, 2016

My brother in law's F150 has a pretty nice front seat bench. When not using the middle seat there is an armrest that folds down.

I would agree with Teslatap that you are unlikely to see that option on the model 3.

mos6507 | May 20, 2016

I suspect the 3 is just too narrow for this to even work.

jordanrichard | May 20, 2016

I also think airbag laws would come into play. Front passengers have to have airbags. Where would you store the center airbag. BTW, trucks such as the F150, don't have to follow the same safety regulations as cars.

Badbot | May 20, 2016

OK buddy put on your airbag helmet so you can sit on the console.

Red Sage ca us | May 20, 2016

An airbag is a supplemental restraint system. It requires you use seatbelts as well. Those work best together if the seatbelt is secured at at least three points. A shoulder belt for a center seat position can be tricky. Since so many people love having a center console for storage of trash and junk and stuff, there tends to be less need of a center seating position in the front seat. Thus, it is a whole bunch easier to simply forget it and have only two forward seats. That may also be why there is now a longitudinal dividing wall between the rear seats of so many luxury sedans now. You end up with a four seater vehicle that is heavier by far than six-seaters used to be. People just use an SUV or a limousine if they need to move more folks.