Emissions inspection exemption in Pennsylvania?

Emissions inspection exemption in Pennsylvania?

As I recently reserved an M3 here in PA, I was wondering what state inspection requirements were applicable to Tesla vehicles. Will the M3 be issued a PA state "Emissions Exemption" sticker when the car is received from the dealer?

Also, for the safety inspection requirement, should any PA state authorized inspection station perform the inspection, or should Tesla perform this annual task.

carlk | May 20, 2016

You should post the question in the S forum. Seems quite a few S owners are from PA.

jordanrichard | May 20, 2016

What dealer? Tesla doesn't have any dealers. I assume you mean Tesla store. Each state is different. Here in CT they stopped issuing Emission stickers years ago for all cars. You had to have the passed emissions report on you, to show the cop when you got pulled over. For EVs, it is obviously not required. Again though, CT does only emissions testing, but full inspections. I believe in MA, en EVs have to go in for an annual state inspection and get the appropriate sticker.

PV_Dave @US-PA | May 20, 2016

Yes, in PA you are exempt from the emissions inspection (just what would they test?), and you can use any local authorized state inspection station for the safety inspection. That's the only time our old mechanic gets to see our cars now, poor guy.

Lonestar10_1999 | May 20, 2016

Thanks Dave, the PA DMV says certain vehicle types are exempt from emissions tests, but they are silent on electric vehicles. According to Tesla salesman John at the King of Prussia Mall Tesla Store, there is no factory required maintenance so that the warranty cannot be voided due to failure to perform some Tesla mandated maintenance.

So with no oil and filter changes, brakes that can go beyond 100k miles , no tube ups, no emissions hassles, no fuel costs (if you live near a Supercharger), the $35k Tesla is significantly cheaper than a comparably priced BMW when you look at total price of ownership. After researching Tesla now for quite awhile, I don't see the cost of ownership angle being promoted as much as it should. If this is discussed in the features section of the Tesla web site, then it's buried pretty deep.
Assuming the Tesla could be purchased with the full federal and state tax incentives, then the M3 equates to a nicely equipped Ford Focus when looking at overall cost of ownership. We can all agree that the Ford Focus has zero driving excitement !!!!

Badbot | May 21, 2016

Please someone in PA bolt on a chrome exhaust tip and drive it in to the inspection station.
AND UTUBE it please.

jordanrichard | May 21, 2016

Lonestar, what your sales guy said is true about the warranty and here is the reason why. The battery pack and drive unit are service/maintenance free. The only thing that needs regular "servicing" are the tires, via tire rotation. Bi-annual brake fluid flush/change, like any other car. Since the BTB and battery pack/drive unit warranty are effected by neglecting those 2 items, then you can skip even those.

Of course there is some value to getting the car inspected annually, but that is for another discussion.