USB behind the rear view mirror please

USB behind the rear view mirror please

Dashcams are so cheap these days and can pay for themselves a thousand times over if you catch some shenanigans. The ONLY downside to them is having to install them in your BRAND new car and wire to ignition. It would be fantastic if the Model 3 included a basic 5V USB outlet on the back of the mirror. This way anyone could easily install a dash cam without ugly wires or wiring the cam to the vehicle.

nainrouge | May 20, 2016

Amen. This would be very useful.

treymc7 | May 20, 2016

As most cars have auto-dimming mirrors, they already have the power going to them. This is an excellent idea that would help with wiring issues.

adias.angel | May 20, 2016

I am planning to add a dashcam so this would be a much welcomed addition!

Badbot | May 20, 2016

if you are handy get a 12v USB and dissemble it then open the mirror cut a mount hole and wire it in.
Enjoy any remaining warranty you might have.

sp_tesla | May 20, 2016

Brilliant idea, practical, simple & easy to implement.

Badbot | May 20, 2016

Did it for my 2005 jeep | May 20, 2016

I like the concept, but USB provides 5v, and most (all?) dash cams require 12v. So a USB by the mirror would be worthless for a dash cam.

Red Sage ca us | May 20, 2016

I'd rather USB ports were part of the dashboard or headliner, as opposed to the rear view mirror. Mostly because I'd like the rear view mirror disappear in and of itself.

Bubba2000 | May 20, 2016

Tesla autos have a camera in the rear view mirror plus another facing the rear in the trunk. Tesla could program the computer to record everything, plus radar and ultrasound data. Tag all the info with GPS and time data. Store all the data in flash memory that is protected from from, fire, water or shock. Or allow to insert flash drive in existing USB port. In the future, Tesla may use multiple cameras for 360 deg coverage, like the proposed Mobileye 8 camera solution. All that data could be recorded.

Gadgets like radar detectors need a power supply. USB power supply would help in the dash area.

Badbot | May 21, 2016

"I like the concept, but USB provides 5v, and most (all?) dash cams require 12v"
True. but the wish was for a USB port on the mirror. no use of port was mentioned. I have used a cigarette-USB adaptor for parts and the 12v feeding the camera can feed the USB and the USB regulates 5v for a USB powered
fill in the blank______________. early fords need a voltage regulator to feed the dash gages 6v. 5v proved enough for mine. NOW they make one.

herbertkats | May 21, 2016

As stated; camera's need 12volt. And most Tesla users want to use the camera not only during driving, but also during parking. Therefor they must be powered even when the car is off. | May 21, 2016

@ed - sorry, since the OP and others were talking about dashcams, I assumed your interest in USB was for the dashcam. Others seems to think that was also what you were talking about. Still not sure what you would want a USB on the mirror for. Radar detectors are also 12v. Charging a phone would have a cord hanging down from the mirror, which seems cumbersome at best. You must have something specific in mind that is better on the windshield rather than below where the current USB ports are.

@Bubba - The current front camera is not usable as a dashcam. The quick rundown is it is not directly connected to the car's computer (it only goes into the autopilot EyeQ3 chip), the field of view is narrow, the resolution is low, and the frame rate is a non-standard 36 fps. Also the available flash memory is already at capacity for maps and caching. You'd either have very limited recording (if possible) or have to give up maps to get a few hours of recording.

Not to say Tesla couldn't add another camera and hardware to deal with it, but it's not something changeable in software on current cars.

cephellow | May 21, 2016

I love the Idea of USB connections in useful places.
The new USB C power standard provides up to 100W of power and greater than USB 3.1 data rates at a negotiated 5, 12 or 20V power level. It is the only connector found on the MacBook Pro, and is being quickly adopted by the consumer electronics industry.
Also, I wish Tesla would provide an AUX input for any sound system put in the car, it is the easiest way to provide compatibility with external devices such as IPods.