Hopes of tesla's customer service

Hopes of tesla's customer service

Hello guys, I have heard on YouTube and from model s and x owners that the customer service tesla provides to the owners is phenomenal and outstanding, nothing compares to it. Do you guys believe that now, tesla is going to grow because of all the model 3's they are selling, are they going to keep the same customer service with all the 400,000+ owners. or is it going to be like a regular car manufactory for all, or are people who have the s and the x get special customer service.

I don't know I'm just thinking cause I think it might raise tesla's spending giving all the owners such a great customer service, like I have heard that when you buy a tesla you are more connected with tesla much more than if you were to buy a Toyota and your connectivity with Toyota will end there.

either way I'm so excited for the model 3 hoping that later I can upgrade to a s or x
hope that Mr. Musk gives us a surprise with delivering all the cars before December 2017


SUN 2 DRV | May 20, 2016

How do you feel about Amazon's customer service? I think it's GREAT because I never need to use it.

Tesla is already WAAY ahead by removing the need (and pain) of dealing with a car dealer. So the customer service experience is already MUCH better just by avoiding that pain.

And Tesla uses a fixed price sales model. So there goes another source of angst and pain, score more customer satisfaction points for Tesla.

And so their staff is left with the responsibility to HELP the customer, not try to peddle extended service contracts and rust proofing. So the staff has a positive and helpful attitude instead of an adversarial one as in most dealers.

So yes, your Tesla customer service experience is likely to always be much better than with a "regular car manufacturer".