Why do people not get the X?

Why do people not get the X?

What are 5 reasons that people would and wouldn't get the X?

bak_phy | August 8, 2016


hami05 | August 8, 2016

I've already given you many reasons to get the car on your other thread but here's all the reasons I can think of that someone wouldn't get an X for.

1. They haven't heard of Tesla yet
2. They aren't currently able to afford one
3. They love the fresh(??) smell of foreign gasoline
4. They don't have a reliable place to charge at home and/or they don't have a supercharger nearby yet.
5. They're secretly (or not so secretly) a Scrooge who doesn't like to have some falcon wing doors in life.

sp_tesla | August 8, 2016

"hami05 | August 8, 2016
Scrooge who doesn't like to have some falcon wing doors in life."

Especially those who mostly drive alone & a couples without additional passengers.

hami05 | August 8, 2016

@sp_tesla Exactly! I mean it really is a high tech, luxurious, family sports car. Made in our own country even.

aesculus | August 8, 2016

@bak_phy. That was only 4 reasons. :-)

lar_lef | August 9, 2016

I counted the $ like Aseculus, but he saved me the trouble. Probably has an abacus.

jordanrichard | August 9, 2016

$$$$ and size. This is the same argument over on the MS forum, about why buy a maxed out M≡ when you can get a faster MS60 for essentially the same amount. Well, the MS is a bigger car than the M≡. My wife rarely drives our MS, preferring to drive our MB SL500. It is more her size.

bak_phy | August 9, 2016

@aesculus it would have taken much too long to write out 100,000 $'s

aesculus | August 9, 2016

But he asked for 5 reasons so your answer should have been:


Simple. :-)

TSLAev | August 10, 2016

Seriously, from the perspective of a Model S 85D owner...

I love the higher seating position, view, and towing ability of the Model X, but these cons were deal breakers for me:

1. The FWD; they're unreliable, flashy, and pointless without 3rd row seating.
2. Reduced range and therefore longer charge times on road trips. The X needs at least a 100kw battery (110kw would be better) to make road trips viable at reasonable speeds (75mph) or when towing.
3. Less usable cargo space than the Model S, since the 2nd row seats don't fold flat.

If Tesla addresses those issues, a Model X (or Model Y) would be my next car.

lilbean | August 10, 2016

Because they read the forum posts.

elguapo | August 10, 2016

@lilbean Sad, but true.

I don't have five reasons, but agree with some of the above.
1) Expensive - very!
2) Doesn't have the cargo space people might want in a true SUV
3) Range isn't close to the S...yet.
4) Don't like the FWDs (I love mine!)

aesculus | August 10, 2016

The FWD are cool even when not using the 3rd row. 2nd row passengers really feel special and like the ingress/egress better than a regular door.

Range has not been much of a factor for me. Most of my trips are less than 200 mi one way. When I did a 400+ trip one day I stopped twice just for 15 minutes each time. NBD. I do have one trip that is over 500 mi in one day and that will be a long day, but it's only once a year.

It's not the prettiest of cars (especially next to the Model S) but not bad either.

But it has things to die for besides the FWD: It's a total EV, powerful and fast, very comfortable, easy to get in and out even in the front (try that in a Model S), the windshield is totally cool, the premium sound is very good (except for the music folder stuff), navigation and trips feature are great, it's quiet, the auto present front door, it drives wonderfully, and it says we're special when we open the doors in public. :-)

AlMc | August 11, 2016

Reasons to buy:
1. It is the only EV SUV/VAN available...helping the environment
2. American made
3. Comfortable seating
4. Fast
5. Safe

Reasons not to buy:
1. expensive
2. FWDs (could go either way...some people love 'em, some not so)....Potential reliability issue
3. Minimal Utility vs other SUVs
4. Range anxiety (again arguable but it is a reason some don't buy TM products)
5. Appearance (again, arguable but some find it unattractive)

David N | August 11, 2016

Not to buy
1. Cost
2. Limited storage (Seats don't fold, 2nd row)
Model S has more useable space with seats down.
3. Roof rack can't be used

Triggerplz | August 11, 2016

1st reason they on a budget 2nd reason they have bad credit 3rd reason their wife won't let them buy it Fourth reason they don't wear the pants in the family 5th reason because they don't wear the pants they can't buy it. :-)

carlk | August 11, 2016

Cost and lack of knowledge on EV.

carlk | August 11, 2016

Sorry I only saw the woundn't part of the question. The answer to the would part would be knowledge on EV and Tesla and wanting an SUV.

Redmiata98 | August 11, 2016

I keep hearing about the storage space being less in the X than the S. I transported 4 winter 21" mounted snow tires with two full size suitcases and had room left over in my X. I would not have been able to do this in my former S.

lar_lef | August 11, 2016

lilbean correct. Hopefullly, with bugs out forum praise will outdo complaints and on the fencers will be convinced.

AlMc | August 12, 2016

@Redmiata98: Yes, I have fit my 21" mounted snows (several times) in an S with other 'stuff' and while the 'volume' of the space in an X is similar to an S the two dimensional (flat) space is bigger in an question.

Sorry, just one of my pet peeves when comparing the 'utility' of the vehicles.

Again...X is a great vehicle for most people but does have some limitations for others when compared to other SUVs