2 Requests: GPS Based Folding Mirrors & Touch Car Start w/ App

2 Requests: GPS Based Folding Mirrors & Touch Car Start w/ App

Folding Mirrors:
Every time we pull in to our driveway we have to click the button to close the mirrors on our model x before we pull in to the garage. It would be great if the mirrors would fold automatically based on our location. Please consider adding that during a future update.

Touch Car Start w/ App:
I use the car often with the Tesla app and start it frequently with the password. Many of my banking apps now allow me to access my accounts using touch technology. It would be great if Tesla updated their apps to allow customers to start their car with tough instead of typing in the password. I am using the iOS app.

BTW we were so excited when the FWDs opened in our garage. We have a pretty small garage and the doors opened with no problem. Thanks Tesla team for a great car. We are really enjoying our new Model X!

jordanrichard | September 23, 2016

If someone steals your phone, they get a free car too......

As for the mirrors, sounds like a good idea and certainly sounds like something that can be done with an OTA update.

Dithermaster | September 23, 2016

The "Remote S" third-party app allows starting with Touch ID.

Also, I mis-read the subject as "GPS Based Folding Maps" and it made me laugh, so thanks!