$1K Off New/Inventory Model X Purchase - Referral Explained w 10 Other Ways to Save - Direct Link to Tons of Referral Codes

$1K Off New/Inventory Model X Purchase - Referral Explained w 10 Other Ways to Save - Direct Link to Tons of Referral Codes

Tesla is offering for a limited time a $1000 discount off your new Model S or Model X purchase prior to January 15, 2017 (localized programs for about the same amount are offered overseas). All current owners have a link that they will readily provide you--just reach out to a friend or a contributor to the community for theirs. Elon Musk has done these word-of-mouth referral programs before and one of the big reasons his first business success, PayPal, received broad adoption in the marketplace.

I have created a site cataloging tips for the referral program at that explains this program and 10 more ways to save and engage with the Tesla community. It has photos and tips for making sure you qualify for the most savings possible. Should I have missed anything, let me know and I will update things.

Although you will see many posts pimping their referral link, one of Tesla community has setup a web site that will randomly provide a referral link: Should you not know anyone that helped you with your purchase, I encourage use of the randomizer site (even though I have no affiliation with it) to divide up the referral flow fairly amongst current owners. Should you wish to help a forum member, click on the following link for anyone you recognize that helped with your purchase: @CRose:, @KTMG:, @Civilpe:, @rdfbsmith:, @leskchan:, @Anglo:, @davidhlibman:, @maurizio:, @wolfprecision:, @leoaltamiranomd:, @SilverP85plus:, @joe_jet:, @rdfbsmith:, @lhewusfresh:, @winner_xp:, @Gwgan:, @Scuta:, @douglas6xc:, @KCTesla:, @twomommy07:, @jason1466:, @abedi:, @maurizio:, @Will.t.lummus:, @Pasanna:, @maurizio:

Please register your referral link with the randomizer site. I will bump this thread to keep it on the first page of this forum until the program ends. In full disclosure, the owners get rewards for referring purchasers with full details here:

Some owners were clamoring for listing individual referral links for forum members like I started doing first on this forum months ago, and it seems folks like that format so post your link below and I will add it to the OP at the top in the order they appear below.

Realure | October 1, 2016

Only 15 days left until referral program ends

Triggerplz | October 1, 2016

Thank God

Realure | October 3, 2016

13 days remain till the end of the program

KMTG | October 3, 2016

Thanks for sharing, the script is a randomizer that I made with the help of others on TMC. Let me know if you find any issues with it

Realure | October 4, 2016

@KTMG are you the one who authored the randomizer? If so, THANK YOU!

Silver2K | October 4, 2016

With all due respect KMTG the randomizer is unfair to those that help a potential buyer with their questions. The person that goes out of their way and spend time to answer the buyer's questions should receive the referral, not a random person that has done nothing to earn the referral.

Realure | October 4, 2016

@Silver, very clearly in the OP, I tell buyers to use the link of someone who helped them and only use the randomizer should they know no one. @KMTG is a hero on TMC and his site is truly appreciated by the community.

lilbean | October 4, 2016

I'm sure you appreciate @KMTG as you use his work to pimp out your own code. Lol.

KMTG | October 4, 2016

Thanks, appreciate it!

Totally agree with you, when I post a video of my X or encourage a friend to purchase a Tesla, I share my personal referral link.
I created the Rabdomizer to mitigate those threads to use my referral code...

Realure | October 4, 2016

12 days to go

Realure | October 6, 2016

Only 10 days left

Realure | October 8, 2016

8 days remain

Realure | October 9, 2016


Realure | October 10, 2016

6 Days left

Realure | October 11, 2016

A mere 5 days to go

Realure | October 13, 2016

Two days remain

Realure | October 14, 2016

Just hours now until the program ends.

Triggerplz | October 14, 2016

One day left and its gone hopefully for ever :-)

Realure | October 15, 2016

4 hours left

Triggerplz | October 15, 2016

My hat is off for the end of the referral program :-)

Civilpe | October 16, 2016

Time to place that nice looking hat back on. A new program started today :)

New buyers can save by using the following referral code:

Triggerplz | October 16, 2016

@Civilpe O HELL NAW :-)

Realure | October 18, 2016

Program renewed to 1/15/17 so 90 days remain.

rdfbsmith | October 18, 2016
Realure | October 18, 2016


Influencer | October 18, 2016 in Silicon Valley

leskchan | October 18, 2016

This same thread is on the Model 3 Forum and I will repost here as well.

No, thank you. How do I know that website is actually randomizes the referral links vs. suppressing my link as to reduce competition.

Please use my link:

This is scam isn't. I went to the website to test. It doesn't matter how many refresh the page, the referral link is always set to "thomasxxx"

Anglo | October 18, 2016

Tesla $1000 Discount Code

Realure | October 19, 2016


Realure | October 20, 2016

88 days remain

Triggerplz | October 21, 2016


Realure | October 23, 2016

86 Days left

Realure | October 24, 2016

84 days remain

Realure | October 25, 2016

Only 83 days to go!

MX75D | October 25, 2016

Glad the program is back

Realure | October 26, 2016

82 days

Realure | October 27, 2016

Updated @David

Realure | October 30, 2016

Only 78 days remain

Realure | October 31, 2016

Now 77 days remain.

Realure | November 3, 2016

74 days

Realure | November 5, 2016

There are 72 days now.

Realure | November 7, 2016

Only 70 now.

Realure | November 9, 2016

68 days in program

maurizio | November 9, 2016
Realure | November 10, 2016

Updated @maurizio. Good Luck!

wolfprecision | November 12, 2016

That would be awesome.
Thank you to anyone who uses my code.

Referral code -

Thank you!

Jamie Dodson
Wolf Precision

Realure | November 12, 2016

65 days

Realure | November 14, 2016

Only 63 days remain.

Silver2K | November 14, 2016

can you add us please? thanks! kevin (SC) rxlawdude Bighorn (WY) Haggy (CA) Gabe.ritter (MD) NKYTA (CA) Run4Waffles (MA) gguinto (Upstate NY (OC)) miyamky (CA) UnshodBob (So Cal) PhillyGal (PA) PBEndo (FL) trixiew (CA) barrykmd (CO) mp1156 (RI) murphyS90D (PA) kagai(undisc) WattsThatGrin (Switzerland) frank.fingers (CT) mychol (Canada) Go_Peddle_4_me nipper2 (NJ) flight505 (TX) TSLA X1 (CA) fgaliegue Copythat23 (UT) LegalCounsel pale_rider (TX) ckcland2 p.c.mcavoy (IN) SnowFlake dpena23 (CA) Joon (CA) skyhix (LA) imkiefer (WI)" cbaud (WA) DaveB70 (CT) laykutsu1 (AZ) 33davidlee (WA) BozieB (IN) edo102 (NC) chaz (CO) makar.naguib (NYC) tom.cosmakos (WA) docnukem (MI) ts88 (CA) hooty1919 (PA) jth2300 (IL) raymond1205 (TX) Jmayer (PA) ShockOnT (MD) swlee GilbertAZP85+ (AZ) murraypetera Kevmerev (MO) bejachb(GA) Mike G (Canada) tacutting (CA) abcev (Canada) houstonviper1 (TX) mkeller92 (MO) chenfamily (CA) dan Andrew (AL) Steve S (IL) mkeller92 (MO) kristian.fensholt (Norway) rmnelson (OR) abtesla (CA) cathyswei (CT) jayhome (GA) Smahoney Clublon hippocraticoath (CA) ModelPeanut (CA) bradward76 (NV) schmidtm (SC) Bradtc (Canada) macguitar srvan1 (CA) Civilpe (CA) sjwalther (NV) jbowers (OR and WA) wyldtek (CA) jakamo62 chandank (CA) jamouzon (CA) jpcassociates (NJ) higgsbosom600 (UK) eharden007 (GA) kenchi (IL) rdfbsmith (TX) ann (VA) Pack Mule(MN) (TX) (CA) (MA) tingeb (Norway) eric (NL) pjason84 (NC) anders.lillieskold (Sweden) omega (NH)< msgfromside3 (WA) jason (VA/MD/DC) Technistore (UK) jclev (GA) (CA) digiprime (Switzerland) Magic Carpet rdfbsmith (TX) macguitar aginz (NY) tesladude (NJ) rocketscientist (CA) Neech (IL)">Cattledog (TX) paul alex.sammy DouglasVerduguez (RI) pete.lebedev (MA) wdproctor Pbfoot(MD) spencer (Netherlands) LimawanS85 jameslocum (Scotland) scottgoldkin (FL) pete.matheson lamlam (CA) nguyenmt (NV) teslamotors (CA) (not corp.) hnrk liudmd lamyuetfung (Canada) dtv425 (CA) bakerac4 (NY) NORM (AZ) fchenod (CA) teslaliving (MA) zhengst0905 (CA) lasse (Norway) Atom Ant (FL)> TSLA4Tesla skovar1 (IL) starcrusader (Wales, UK) Kul (London, UK) (BC) Leli001 (NJ) email (UK) steven HN10 (OR) xraydoc97 (IN) dan (NYC) kiet (CA) pete (CA) HN10 (OR) Mark Z (CA) rush6415 (TX) landerm (OR) Technistore (UK) samartra (UK) ann (VA) madhvi (NC) mcloughm (CA) jmuru (MO) Duke of UK (UK) Anglo Gen11 rdr1rx (CA) mcloughm (CA) cjdavid01 (UT) wlicopoli (PA) fwsweet Errol_martinez CorinneNJ (NJ) danielpf (Switzerland) murraypetera (NY) wesley888 (LI, NY) Burrowshouse (WA) dchody (CA) getanne (TX) sgmorton (TX) wcantrell2003 ian scostantini (Italy)

Realure | November 15, 2016

Happy to add yours @silver if you like, but only POSTERS get their link