Window tinting and windshield ghosting

Window tinting and windshield ghosting

Can any one who has had their front windshield tinted comment on whether or not it helped reduce the "ghosting". I'm thinking of doing Photosync to reduce the overall heat transmission. Thanks.

JAnnen | October 10, 2016

Careful. Make sure your tint installer know that the windshield may already be coated.

Howrayg | October 11, 2016

I had my front and side windows tinted with Xpel ceramic tint and very pleased. The air conditioning load is reduced.
No issues with ghosting. The front windshield was done in 2 pieces but not a problem because the seam is high up in the dark area.

mrainisch | October 11, 2016

Had prestige photosync installed on all the windows 35% ( legal limit) on the front driver and passenger and 75% on all other windows. Autosupershield in Boca Raton did a great job and the heat in the car is definitely reduced. The issue that remains is the windshield which lets in a ton of heat. This installer will not attempt the front windshield as the material doesn't come in a size big enough to cover that enormous windshield. I know there are state regulations but Tesla needs to offer a solution that doesn't tint the windshield but reflects the beat