Whisper stops heartburn

Whisper stops heartburn

After 2 or 3 painful months reading this forum and almost deciding not to order a Model X, then changing from a 5 seater to a 6, I have a new family member. A beautiful Midnight SilverX 90D 6 seat with beautiful white seats that is now resting in my garage. Picked up yesterday in the rain. I had not slept the night before thinking of doors not lining up. The car is almost perfect. Only very minor problem is the glass panel on top of driver side fwd is just a little high. They said they can fix it in the SC but not yesterday. No problem. I did ask if they wouldn't give me a Kia as a loaner and they said I would get a Tesla.
The finish is amazing and I love the clean uncluttered look. I slept great last night and really hope that any Tesla fence sitters will quit agonizing and just order the damn car.
Had to name the car in setup and that's when Whisper was born. My last 4 cars were 3 BMW M5's and a Range Rover Sport. This is so so quiet. I used to like the sound of those big V8's but now just full throttle Whisper is much more to my liking.
Thanks to you fans for not letting me give up on Tesla.
I love the auto presentation on the doors.

PedanticOne | December 31, 2016


rossRallen | December 31, 2016

I hope you enjoy your Model X as much as I do. But, please, take the time to read and understand the manual so you will know how things work and avoid some avoidable, painful and expensive mistakes others have made.

The HPWC is definitely worth the money as are the outdoor car cover, wheel locks, air pump, the CHAdeMO adapter (Plan B), and custom mats from . As the King of Kit, I also carry a tire repair kit, 4-ton hydraulic jack, wheel chocks, torque and lug removal wrenches, 30' 50A extension cord (Plan C), tire pressure gage, flashlight, medical kit, and window cleaning supplies. I'm good to go for just about everything including a Zombie Apocalypse.

Best wishes for safe and enjoyable travel!

jimt1130 | December 31, 2016

Nice great to here and Congrats! Putting in my order today.

Saxman | January 2, 2017

Congrats & enjoy!

I agree with the manual. I read my manual weeks BEFORE I took delivery and was better prepared to enjoy the experience.

poloX | January 2, 2017

Congrats Jleonar

What do other name their MX? I name it after my daughter.

burdogg | January 2, 2017

@jleonar1 - congrats! Funny, i had the exact same problem with my glass panel on driver side falcon wing door. I got nothing out of my delivery team when pointed it out :( The statement was, well every time you open and close your FWD, the seals adjust differently. I said, we have opened and closed it three times and it has not changed. Yeah, he just gave me the look like, um, well this is normal. It is not a huge deal but I may ask service one day to fix it. :) (I was a little disappointed with the person though)

jleonar1 | January 2, 2017

I have a copy of the owners manual which I also read before delivery, but it seems it must change frequently as there are so many changes going on especially with the fob. No info in Owners Manual about the fob. If they update the manual how do we get current edition? Do they update in My Tesla? I'm also looking for Opti-Coat or CQ application in W LA if anyone can recommend. Might do some of the Xpel wrap on front end.

lilbean | January 2, 2017

Mitch at Eco-Shine Auto Reconditioning is awesome. He will come to you. 818-339-4909
Dean at Sticker City is awesome too.