Window wiper spray

Window wiper spray

So when I am at a stop or up to around 15 miles per hour the spray covers the whole windshield, but while going over 40 or so it hits the lower half of the windsheld and the rest of the spray goes right over the car. I called the dealer and they said it should be opposite. Who is crazy, them or me? ;) Any kind of easy fix or do I really need to bring it back to the dealer?

kevin | January 16, 2017

I see all the spray on mine at speed on the lower half, which is a problem since the upper half doesn't get cleaned. I plan to ask about it at my annual service visit.

glenn.k | January 16, 2017

Thanks Kevin. I knew I was not crazy! I do love this car, but I have to say for the price you would think the "little" things would have been thought out a bit better. No slam to Tesla, but just making an observation from someone that has owned a BMWs, Porsches and Mercedes. It is the small things (and BIG THINGS) in detail that set those cars apart from a Chevy or Ford.

MoCowbell | January 16, 2017

You called the dealer? Tesla doesn't have dealers.

Copythat23 | January 16, 2017

The wipers suck on every tesla get use to it

DLebryk | January 16, 2017

I had the service center adjust mine when I first got the car. Not sure how they aim the nozzles - I just didn't want to mess with it, thinking I might break them.

Here's the rub - from the factory, sitting still or going slowly, the washers sprayed way up over the car - (actually would spray the car behind me really well) never really hit the windshield. At speed they would spray the right way.

I asked the service center to adjust them downward. Now they spray perfectly at rest or low speed, and require a pretty long spray at 70 MPH to get the top quarter.

The windshield is really long and it is a strange balancing act to get them adjusted just right.

Silver2K | January 17, 2017

to adjust the spray, just use a needle and adjust the ball inside the housing. be careful! just move it a tiny bit to make a difference!

Silver2K | January 17, 2017

sorry... in case you need more specifics, just insert the needle in the tiny hole and adjust. like I said, be gentle and careful!

glenn.k | January 17, 2017

Thanks guys!! I am just glad I don't live where it snows.

bp | January 17, 2017

For around $100, I upgraded my "classic" P85 from the original jet nozzles to the newer fan spray nozzles, which has helped considerably. The Service Centers can perform the nozzle replacement. Since doing the upgrade, I haven't had to do any adjustments to the nozzles, which were required periodically with the original jet nozzles.

Silver2K | January 17, 2017

Only $100? Damn I spent that earmarked $100 at Starbucks :)

carlk | January 17, 2017

Model X has a new design. It dose not spray but fluids flows out of nozzles built in the wipers. It's more of a necessity for X but it will probably migrate to S too.

lilbean | January 17, 2017

I just keep my windows clean every day.

steve.roach | January 17, 2017

Are the parts available to do the sprayer upgrade yourself?

carlk | January 17, 2017

I'm with lilbean. I keep my entire car clean all the time. Rarely if ever needs wiper spray.

Rocky_H | January 17, 2017

@bp, Regarding changing the washer nozzles, I got that information from my service center too. I think they had quoted me sixty-some dollars. I was really excited to get changed to the spray nozzles. HOWEVER, when I went to have it done at my two year service visit, I found out there is a condition and my car didn't qualify. If you have the cold weather package that has the heated washer fluid and heated nozzles, that has a powered wiring harness obviously, and they said that could not be replaced with the spray kind, so I couldn't get it.