Will you ever take your MX off road?

Will you ever take your MX off road?

mathwhiz | January 18, 2017

Maybe you'd like to respond to your own survey?

wang5150 | January 18, 2017

I don't plan on using it for off roading, but these guys did:

Triggerplz | January 18, 2017

Only off road mine will be doing is going off the street road and into my garage

liudmd | January 18, 2017

I had owned three Land Cruiser prior to MX, but never took them off-road, therefore never realized what they were capable of, until the trip to Dubai, joined the tour to the Desert Safari, local people only used Land Cruiser to ride in the desert, the way it handle in desert just unbelievable, the vehicle spiraled up and down the enormous golden dunes, so many times I thought the vehicle was going to tip over, 30 or 40 Land cruiser (all white) in the red sand desert, the scene was just amazing, that's why make me wonder why I never took my Land Cruiser off-road? and can my MX do the same?

JAnnen | January 18, 2017

I plan on camping in the MX, but not real off roading.

lilbean | January 18, 2017

Haha! I don't even like driving over puddles.

Saxman | January 18, 2017

Too funny Lilbean !!!

MasterT | January 18, 2017

Colorado Offroad 360 - 07/24/2016

39.02027 -106.75559

That depends on your definition of "off road".

"Off Road" as in "off of paved road" X will do just fine, but in true off road very few SUVs will do well.

Here is a video of some guys "off road" with a trailer and X does OK: search YouTube for "Tesla Model X offroad with trailer"

Here is a 360 video (you can move the view with your mouse) of us going real off road which most SUVs, including Tesla, wont be able to handle: search YouTube for "Taylor Pass, Aspen, Colorado Off Road - 360 Video"

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francoisbitz | January 18, 2017

In all seriousness what is the biggest limiter in the X doing off-road well?:

Ground clearance

Battery pack easily damaged...this is what worries me the most,. seems like it could catch on fire.

I which the bottom would look like my skid loaders and dozers ...with that big skid plate

lilbean | January 18, 2017

:o) saxman

burdogg | January 18, 2017

lilbean - we need more flag help over here :-) This is getting annoying.

vrykolas | January 18, 2017

We never bought it for off-road.
I agree with @lilbean

burdogg | January 18, 2017

Jury is still out for me :)

On similar note - anyone use their model X to launch jet skis or boat in the lake? I have jet skis (too cold and frozen to launch yet :) and was just wondering if others would use the X for that.

lilbean | January 18, 2017

For some reason, I can't flag myself! Ugh!

burdogg | January 18, 2017

HA :) Yeah, I need to flag myself at times too, but oh well. Pick me, pick me, pick me :)

Triggerplz | January 18, 2017

I never liked being a snitch but Bam I'm giving some out.

Triggerplz | January 18, 2017

I never liked being a snitch but Bam I'm giving some out.

Triggerplz | January 18, 2017

Oops didn't mean to give out 2 at a time :-)

lilbean | January 18, 2017


Triggerplz | January 18, 2017

@ Burdogg please don't ever never ever say Flag myself ever again for some reason that just don't sound right :-)

burdogg | January 19, 2017

Ok, just for you I won't say that - it does sound funny ;)

PartyOf5 | January 19, 2017

I have a Jeep Commander, she can play off road. Not sure how X would do in the thick sand of our beaches and don't want to see her get stuck out on the dunes

Uncle Paul | January 19, 2017

On road trips I often see interesting dirt roads that go into the back country, or to a remote fishing lake.

Believe the Model X or S with air suspension and dual drive would be more than up to the task in getting you to these compelling off the main road spots.

We have also found some fantastic hot springs that mostly are only known about by the locals.

4WD and good ground clearance should get you to everything except the rock crawling areas.