2 phones at the same time

2 phones at the same time

For my 2017 Model X, Teresa and I would like to be able to have both of our iPhones connected to the blue tooth of the car at the same time.

Is this possible?

Currently when we connect one of the phones, the other is disconnected from the system.

We can work around this by just using the phone to our ear, but every time we change drivers we need to go through the menu and switch the connected one so the driver can take and make calls hands free.

Just learning about this fantastic car, and are blown away by all it's capabilities.


DTsea | February 9, 2017

No you cannot do that.

Uncle Paul | February 9, 2017

As I suspected...thank you

carlk | February 9, 2017

I thought it will connect to the first phone it senses. No?

It will not connect to both at the same time of course.

Bighorn | February 9, 2017

Kevin Gates is screwed

McLary | February 10, 2017

Bluetooth will usually have a priority for similar devices. You can set one as primary for when both are present. You could also turn one off so the other is found by the car.

bp | February 10, 2017

It would be very useful to support connecting to more than one Bluetooth device at the same time.

At home, we have a Panasonic phone system that connects to our landline, plus our two cell phones over Bluetooth. When an incoming call comes in on either cell phone, it rings on the Panasonic handsets - and we can take the call on any of the handsets in the house. When we place outgoing calls, we can choose on the handset if we want to use the landline or one of the cell phones.

In car, this surely could be done - allowing the software to accept incoming calls from either phone or to play media from either phone. The calendar and contacts apps may need to focus on the primary phone, because supporting connecting those apps to more than one phone could require major rewrites of those two apps.

Though, if we still don't have voice-to-text for text messages or e-mail, it seems unlikely we'll see any improvement in the Bluetooth support, at least in the near term...

Tarla's Driver | February 10, 2017

I would love to be able to connect my phone as a phone and the iPad as an audio media device. It's frustrating that I can't use the Bluetooth for a phone call while my son is watching a movie in the back seat.

jencapellman | August 19, 2017

Agree with atarla!

jencapellman | August 19, 2017

Agree with Tarla!

rxlawdude | August 20, 2017

I know Toyota/Lexus vehicles allow separate BT phone and streaming audio connections.