New interior shots

New interior shots

I think I like the exterior a little better than the prototype, but the interior is a disappointment. It looks like the computer screen was stuck on as an afterthought or an after market addition. The lack of gauges other than on the computer screen makes the interior look plain, basic, and cheap. What does everyone else think?

msofsd | April 6, 2017

Too bad we can't see more of the steering wheel yet. Nothing I see looks like a rocket ship.

Frank99 | April 6, 2017

As I said in the other thread:
I think the clean dashboard s a startling look. I'd never seen a car with a drivers seat that wasn't surrounded by knobs, buttons, toggles, indicator lights, gauges, etc., and the obvious incongruity in the Model 3 was shocking and I didn't know whether I liked it or hated it.
But, I like it now. My mind has gotten past the "that doesn't look right phase", and into the "Why didn't anybody do it this way before?" phase. I think it'll be seen as a revolutionary change - 5 years from now, the cluttered dash is going to look as hopelessly out of date as comparing a 1960's IBM 360 (complete with toggles and 10 bazillion flashy blinky lights) to a Mac Mini.

Jerrylooney | April 6, 2017

minimal , spacious with a big touchscreen . I personally don't like skimping on screen size and It's a feature I focus on so it works for me. A good looking exterior qualms any concerns here too.

It's all compromise - you could pay $42k for a bmw i3 with a lovely dash but an exterior like a bee-stung pug.

dd.micsol | April 6, 2017

Do you really have controls on a rocket ship? No-all controls at 1m at countdown are given to the on board computer. Elon is referring to the AP if you buy it. It's a self contained Johnny Cab-just hope it doesn't talk to you.
That'll be 18 credits please.

hsuru4u | April 6, 2017

yes the m3 inside looks like johnny cab from that schwartnegger movie...exactly.....very futuristic.

david.jones24 | April 6, 2017

I really liked the clean look of the prototype. I was hoping for a cool HUD / holo option, but if it's just the same as the prototype I'm all in.

Red Sage ca us | April 6, 2017

The 'afterthought' screen applications are found in current iterations of BMW 3-Series and i3, along with Mercedes-Benz C-Class and AUDI A4.

tstolz | April 6, 2017

I'm open to new ideas ... I'll give it a whorl :)

mos6507 | April 6, 2017

"Do you really have controls on a rocket ship?"

Johnny cab was a cab, not a rocket. A spaceship that didn't have a lot of controls was the Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space during the pilot when the Robinson family were in cryo-sleep. Only after the show went to series did they alter the front to add all sorts of controls.

kzodz | April 6, 2017

WHo can see the interior? Unless you have a much clearer shot than I saw, you can't say anything for 100% and who knows what else could be in there.