I have to drive around 400 km a day to go from Montréal to Gatineau return (Ottawa) by taking the highway 15 north and the 50 west. So, I would strongly suggest you to put a surcharger on the highway 50 in Québec since a lot of people as myself will need it with our Tesla

jordanrichard | April 10, 2017

And if I might suggest that you contact the Tesla Supercharger team directly. go to the Charging page at the top of the screen. On that page there is a spot to suggest get locations for superchargers.

No one from Tesla really monitors this forums, especially not the supercharger team.

El Mirio | April 10, 2017
kuntznicolas | April 10, 2017

Why only thinking supercharger? There 3 400v brcc on your road, gatineau, Buckingham and Montebello...