Full Dark Theme

Full Dark Theme

I see this image on the "My Telsa" landing page:

I see that both the Model S and Model X have the following black color options:

- Solid Black
- Obsidian Black

That allow you to select the

Grey Turbine Wheels
Onyx Black Wheels

Would love to see an option to allow changing all the chrome/silver trims on the car to a darker color like a dark grey/midnight silver. Like the door handles and silver trim around windows.

topher | April 10, 2017

Black chrome.

But not if it slowed down production 1 minute. There are wraps and dips for that.

Thank you kindly.

Red Sage ca us | April 10, 2017

Others have asked for chrome delete options. I don't really understand why. All the places where Tesla uses chrome are quite tasteful and well applied in my opinion. But yes, when you take your car to be detailed, color corrected, and wrapped, the same shop will be able to handle the chrome delete as well upon request.