Finding a "non-Tesla" charging station

Finding a "non-Tesla" charging station

So Obviously the sat-nav in a Tesla is keyed in on the Supercharging network and I assume on the Destination Charging network. What about other chargers and their statuses? Is that information also displayed?

Failing that, can the web browser (even though it's lousy I hear) access the sat-nav so you can get nice map access to charging station data? Like via ladenetz dot de or chargemap dot com?

EDITED TO ADD: Based on answers below, it looks like the on-board GPS does not currently show 3rd party chargers. Hopefully it will in the future (my opinion).

reed_lewis | April 16, 2017

I use my phone to locate non Tesla chargers. But honestly, i am never having to really use them anyways. Here in New England there are enough Superchargers that I am fine.

Remember you should charge the car at home each night. So you leave your house each morning with a full battery.

KP in NPT | April 16, 2017

There are apps for that. Not sure what's available in Germany but in the US we mostly use PlugShare.

JayInJapan | April 16, 2017

In Japan we use EVsmart. It's fantastic!

M3München | April 16, 2017

Silly question: you mean Android/iOS app, not big honkin' Tesla-screen app? There is no Tesla API as far as I know.

I'm aware there are ways to use my phone to find charging stations. I wanted to know if I can find 3rd-party chargers using the car's sat-nav and screen.

KP in NPT | April 16, 2017

No, third party chargers don't show on Tesla's Marc screen. I could see that down the road - but honestly it's probably not necessary. Like Reed, I have never needed to use anything but superchargers or destination chargers. (Also in New England)

I have used plugshare to scope out backup charging in Vermont as we were relying on a trickle charge at a vacation rental. It ended up being enough and never needed the backup.

With supercharger and destination charger coverage in Europe (and expanding) I would bet you'd rarely need anything else.

KP in NPT | April 16, 2017

Marc = main

M3München | April 16, 2017

Thanks for the clear answer (albeit no). At this point it's unclear if I'm going to be allowed to have an outlet installed next to my parking space at home, so as you might imagine I'm keen to figure out how all this is going to work.

I've been procrastinating all weekend writing a letter to the condo association with a technical explanation of what I'm trying to accomplish. Without home charging, the one thing that will make owning a Model 3 viable is the newly-opened city-owned charger that's a block from my office. It is one of the 100 new charging stations that city will install in 2017. So I have that going for me, which is nice.

M3München | April 16, 2017

From what I've seen in southern Germany and Austria, most places that offer destination charging are hotels that cost a fortune, and they only let their own guests use the charger.

KP in NPT | April 16, 2017

If you end up needing public charging as your regular charging, you will learn quickly which are convenient (like the one near your work) and won't need the nav screen to tell you. ;-)

SamO | April 16, 2017


Nothing wrong at stopping by the nicer hotel for a drink or dinner. Cheaper than a room.

KP in NPT | April 16, 2017

watch out for the pigeon poop, M3muenchen.

SamO | April 16, 2017

So now this adamant EV supporter states "probably shouldn't buy an EV".


Thank Tesla for Supercharging and now 5,000 more Destination Charging locations.

No problem being an owner in ANY circumstance.

M3München | April 16, 2017

I have observed rock doves (a.k.a. pigeons) in their natural habitat. Guess what? They still poo all over everything, despite it being where they actually live.

SamO | April 16, 2017


Usually, they are an invasive species. But nothing buckshot or falcons cant handle.


stevenmaifert | April 17, 2017

Set up a free account with Plugshare. On the car's browser, enter You will be asked to log in. It remembers you after that. The Web page interfaces with the car's GPS. You will be asked to share your location. Once you share your location, the browser will present you with a map, with your location in the middle, and show all the charging stations in the plugshare data base within the range scale you have set. Tapping on a station icon will bring up that station's info and there is a directions option that will give you written turn by turn instructions from your current location to the charging station. As you drive to that charging station, your location on the map will update about once per minute.

dd.micsol | April 17, 2017

I think he means one of those destination chargers.

M3München | April 17, 2017

"The Webpage interfaces with the car's GPS."

Thank you! Not ideal but better than nothing.

msmith55 | May 30, 2017

Most RV parks and marinas have a 240 V high amperage charging at a nominal fee.

hmgolds | May 30, 2017

When looking at Plugshare, I was surprised at how many residential chargers their owners were willing to share. I assume the appropriate etiquette is to leave a small gift (bottle of wine?), but quite handy when you need a bit of a boost to make it to the next public charger.