Two Tesla Mobile App Accounts for one car?

Two Tesla Mobile App Accounts for one car?

When we took delivery of our car yesterday it took only about an hour before I could us my My Tesla account to log on to the mobile app. However, so far I can't find a way to set up my wife with the mobile app without her logging in on her phone using my My Tesla account. Anyone know how to do this?

PagemakersS75P3 | May 14, 2017

Why would you want her to have a different account for the same car?

Jazzy B | May 14, 2017

I believe the only way is for Tesla to separate the 2. You wife needs her own account.

Bill_75D | May 14, 2017

My wife logs into the app with my account. Works fine. Why do you want separate accounts?

johnson.todd.r | May 14, 2017

Since she has her own key fob with her own settings in the car it seemed to make sense for her to have her own, that way she can set a password and logon ID that she can remember. Working in IT, particularly in healthcare, I guess it has been grilled into me to never share IDs and passwords for security reasons. Through that's not really applicable here.

johnson.todd.r | May 14, 2017

Also, the Tesla mobile app mentions syncing calendars. Not sure how it will separate the two of us if we are both logged into the same account.

EVRider | May 14, 2017

The calendars are synced from the calendars on your phones, so it shouldn't matter which account you use. As far as I know, there's no relationship between the account and the key fob settings either. I think in this case you're better off both using the same account.

S75RedRidingHood | May 14, 2017

Change the Tesla password to something long and generic without the name of your girl friend in it. Then use one account to share it with your wife :)

p.c.mcavoy | May 14, 2017

@johnson.todd.r - I understand your reasoning, especially around how it will handle two calendars. I don't know of a way to deal with this. I use the app from multiple devices, both logged in to the same My Tesla account, but in my case, my calendars are also sync'd across the two devices so there is not a conflict. My best recommendation is to either contact your delivery specialist to see if they can offer suggestions, or contact Tesla directly. You can do that via the Contact link at the bottom of any forum page and use the Owner Feedback category for the email. My experience is that they've been pretty good at responding to me when I've asked simple questions.

MS_Hapi | May 14, 2017

OP we had the same situation when we got our car in March. Hubby had his MyTelsa app but since I would also be driving wanted to be able to get the same info on the car and notices etc. You'll need to call Tesla support directly. Your wife will need to set up an account and with you, the main account person on the phone with them, they will link the two accounts together.

stevenmaifert | May 14, 2017

I still don't see the need for separate accounts for the same car. As for the calendars, the car captures the calendar from the phone when it makes the BT connection, same as it does for the contacts and call logs. As long as the wife's phone is the first paired phone the car sees, hubby can ride along too without his phone information displacing hers.

carlk | May 14, 2017

I too see no need to have separate accounts for different drivers. Pretty much all relevant info other than those tied to the phone are tied to driver profile. Also you can use fingerprint log in for the Tesla app if you find it hard to remember the password.

davidahn | May 14, 2017

My wife and I use the same login, no problems with this arrangement.

johnson.todd.r | May 14, 2017

Thanks for the suggestions to call support. We will do that tomorrow. My wife wants her own login, which is fine with me. Even with Apple family sharing we have our own accounts, but have them linked.

Haggy | May 14, 2017

There's no general need to share passwords, although there seem to be a few times a year when things get screwed up and you have to log in again for no reason. If you have a reasonably current smartphone, you log in once, enable fingerprint recognition, and after that your wife won't need a password. She can use the fingerprint if she needs to enable the car for driving without the fob, and the less harmful things such as honking the horn, flashing the lights, or seeing where the car is on the map get protected by keeping your phones locked in general.

Assuming you both use the fobs on a day to day basis, the worst case isn't likely to leave anybody stranded if she doesn't know the password. My wife doesn't know it and doesn't care, since it's never stopped her from using the app. Most of what she uses it for is behind the scenes anyway. Whichever phone is synced with Bluetooth is the ones that gets its calendar used.

If somebody does get her phone from her when it's unlocked, if it's logged into the app it still won't let anybody drive away with the car.

EVRider | May 14, 2017

@johnson.todd.r: I'm guessing you don't want your wife to use your account so she can't pretend to be you on this forum. :-)

@Haggy: I haven't had much luck getting fingerprint recognition to work on my iPhone (in general). It will work for a couple of days after I train it to recognize my print, but then it stops working; I can only get if to work again (temporarily) by deleting the saved fingerprints and starting over. Apparently my prints change every few days, which will come in handy if I ever decide to commit a crime. :-)

Offline | May 14, 2017


I'm fairly certain the calendar is not syncing over bluetooth. The calendar setting in the app enables the app to upload your calendar to Tesla and then bring it down to the car - otherwise it wouldn't even be a setting in the Tesla app, and the app would not need to ask for permission to your calendar. I don't think there is any generic, widely implemented bluetooth profile for calendar sync. If you look at the permissions requested (android app anyway) the Tesla app wants permission to Calendar - but not Contacts, because contacts sync over the standard bluetooth headset profile even if you don't have the app installed.

Run4Waffles | May 14, 2017

@johnson.todd.r - FWIW - do you have a shared bank account? Once you login, don't you both have access to the same functions and funds?

We have a '15 and a '17 Model S with one Tesla account. Two cars, two phones, 4 fobs, 2 calendars and we both drive both cars.

The calendar syncs to the person's phone. Profiles are saved in the driver's profile in the car, not in your account.

The only need for a separate account would be for use on the forums.

johnson.todd.r | May 14, 2017

Forgot to mention that the LifeProof case that my wife uses prevents use of the fingerprint passcode. Also, my wife was surprised at the "Why would you want two separate logins?" questions on the forum. Well, because we do and because it should be easily possible.

djmichaelmayhem | May 14, 2017

Had a friend get caught lying about his location when his wife used the app to see where the car was.....
I know 2 log ins wouldn't change that...

AFAIK Tesla will only link a car to one account.

JayInJapan | May 14, 2017

Calendar syncs from your phone's Bluetooth connection.

Seira321 | May 14, 2017

So a reason why I wanted two accounts.
Own a Model S and Model X. Lent brother in law the Model S. I want him to only have access to the Model S, while I still have access to the S and X. Emailed Tesla with the request and they were able to set it up. It's kind of a convenience thing and somewhat of a privacy/psychological thing. I could still monitor the S and play pranks on him, while he cannot do that to the X. Also he gets to use his own email address, which is a shorter login than mine.

As for spouse having separate accounts, am not in the situation yet, so will see what happens when the S is returned to me and spouse starts driving it exclusively.

zubinanary | May 14, 2017

What you're looking for is VIN sharing. Your Tesla ID has access to your VIN, and her Tesla ID has access to your VIN. When she purchase her own Tesla, you'll setup VIN sharing as well but the other way. This way you both can see each others. When your kids get their own Tesla (assuming it's the M3 at age 17), then you can do a VIN sharing with him/her, so you all can access all three Tesla's with their own Tesla ID.

To set that up, you need to email Tesla NA service and give authorization to allow your wife's Tesla Account access to your VIN. She'll need to create her own Tesla ID first of course.

I have this setup for our MS and MX, the MS being mine, and the MX being the wife's.

EVRider | May 15, 2017

I just looked at the Owner's Manual and I think @Offline is right about the calendar sync not using Bluetooth. The manual says you need a Bluetooth connection to your phone to see the calendar from that phone, but this a privacy feature to prevent someone else (a valet for example) from seeing your calendar when you're not in the car.

Run4Waffles | May 15, 2017

You need to have the Tesla App on your phone. There, you give it permission for your calendar. You then need to pair your phone with the car. From there, when you get into the car, the car connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

If you're both in the car, you can switch which phone you want it to look at using the center screen.

mdmgso | May 15, 2017

One car and one account only.The solution is to buy her her on Model S. (;>0
We have two Tesla Model S and each is on a separate account.

MS_Hapi | May 15, 2017

As I mentioned above, we have one car (right now) with 2 accounts linked to it and Tesla Customer Service has no problems quickly setting it up for you. It took only a few minutes to do so. I get to see notifications and emails on charging and such that I have selected to have sent to my email and message accounts and hubby gets whatever he has checked sent to his own accounts. We also have separate credit card accounts that are linked to the MyTesla app. Not sure why so many people see OP's request as a problem. Plus if you do want to each participate in the forum, you can under your own user name. To do otherwise is really impersonating someone.

MS_Hapi | May 15, 2017

And impersonating someone else is against the Forum rules I might add.

Run4Waffles | May 15, 2017

@MS_Hapi - For myself at least, I have no "problem" with the OP's request. I was sharing that it's not something that's necessary as it all works great with just the one account. But it's certainly recommended if you want to post on the forum.

Some owners have experienced difficulties in obtaining a second account for the spouse in the past. This may not be as difficult now.

stevenmaifert | May 15, 2017

@Offline & EVRider - The manual says both the phone and the car need good connectivity for the calendar, so I think you are right, the data path for the calendar is through Tesla's servers via the Tesla phone app and not directly via Bluetooth.

Solarfan | May 15, 2017


Thanks for following up on this.

I think guys have a certain amount of unrealized chauvinism. You can see that in the jokes about "buying for your wife" and similar. I'm confident nobody has ill intent, yet it is there. As time goes on, that may be improving.

johnson.todd.r | May 15, 2017


Thanks for the suggestion to contact customer service. I called the number and after a brief explanation they immediately knew what I wanted. I had to send an email from the address on my My Tesla account asking to grant her access, along with some information about her account and the car. I have not heard back yet, but the person at customer service sounded like this was routine.

Haggy | May 15, 2017

"Not sure why so many people see OP's request as a problem. "

To be clear, I don't see that as a problem and think it would be preferable. Indeed it would be great if when Tesla asked for an alternate contact in my account, it did this automatically since it's already asking for a corresponding email address. In case there is anybody who might object, all they would have to do is add a check box to allow app access to that email address.

I think that people who are saying you don't need it are saying nothing more than that there's a suitable workaround, not that the workaround is somehow better.

"I think guys have a certain amount of unrealized chauvinism."

I think most wives are smart enough to know what's going on, and if their husbands think that they are the ones making the decisions and are doing so because their wife wants it and they want to make her happy, many wives will happily let their husbands delude themselves. There's no way I would have gotten a Tesla without my wife being an active part of the decision, even though she left it up to me to take care of it. If your wife tells you that it was your decision and she merely agreed with you, that means it was her decision.

MS_Hapi | May 15, 2017

We were a bit surprised adding a family member wasn't something we could do online by ourselves thinking there are probably a number of owners that share their car with others in their family. But since it grants access to the car, I can see why they required a personal phone call so they can speak to the owner first, verify info, before giving access.

I looked back through my emails and after my husband's phone call, he was sent a confirming email with directions for me to follow. Then 2 hours later we received a email to both of us informing us that the request had been completed and once I set up MyTesla account I was good to go. That was it.

Maybe "problem" wasn't the best choice to use in my original post but the OP was wanting and asking to do one thing and it seemed like the advice was that it wasn't necessary, but everyone's circumstance is different. The account is really your own identity and probably the data transmitted reflects which mobile user accessed it. If I was a parent and sharing the car with my kid for example I wouldn't want them to have the ability to also have access to my credit card.

johnson.todd.r | May 17, 2017

Just to follow up, Tesla customer service responded to my email the same day and my wife was able to log in to the Tesla mobile app using her own My Tesla ID.

PBEndo | May 17, 2017

I wonder if it would be feasible for those renting their Tesla via Turo to allow a temporary app access so the renter can benefit from the app information and control.

sharpgator | November 20, 2017

I took delivery of my new Model S on Saturday. So far everything is great. However, I can’t connect via the app. The delivery person said it sometimes takes a couple days. Anybody know how to get this going?

gowansd | November 20, 2017


I also took delivery of my Model S on Saturday. In my case, the delivery people had the car linked to my account when we did the orientation so we walked through the app at the time. I've heard on this forum that it could take a couple days for your car to show up in the app so I'd expect that you'll see it today or tomorrow.

hpjtv | January 24, 2018

Well this is awesome, I didn't know you could link more than one account to a single vehicle. Did some searching, you can also link more than one vehicle to the app. Example of 3 Model S' to one app. See post #34 of link.

You can also mix and match. Like one account only has access to one vehicle, another account to two or more vehicles including the vehicle in the first account.

EVRider | January 24, 2018

@hpjtv: Where did you learn that you can link more than one account to the same car? What happens if two apps try to control the car at the same time?

EVRider | January 24, 2018

Never mind. I reread the older comments.

polaris | May 23, 2018

Can anyone verify that having 2 phones both with the App does not confuse the car? I have no problem sharing one account - just wondering if we're both in the car, if that causes any issues.

JAD | May 23, 2018

No issue. It just connects to the first one it sees. If you want to switch phones, you just touch the bluetooth icon at the top of the screen and it shows all connected phones. Choose the one you want.

tes-s | May 23, 2018

We have the app on multiple phones - no issues. App is not related to bluetooth pairing.

polaris | May 23, 2018

But who gets to DJ!? ... :)


ta2zman | August 14, 2018

I have the app on my iPhone and it works great. Now my wife just got a Tesla also. How do I add her vehicle so I can use my phone when I drive her car?

Boonedocks | August 14, 2018

They “should” both show up on our app. Just swipe left or right to see the other car. If it’s not there contact Tesla support

EVRider | August 15, 2018

@ta2zman: Is you wife’s car associated with the same account as your car? If so, both cars should show up on your app (though it sometimes takes a little while for a newly delivered car to show up in the app). If your wife used a different account, then you’ll have to log in to the app with her credentials.

hockiees790 | September 29, 2018

How can I find out if somebody else in my family has the app on their phone?
I asked my husband but he keeps denieing and is it possible the use their own log in?

akikiki | September 29, 2018

doesn't matter if they do. if you did know and removed it, they could just put it back on the phone.
better - change the password and tell no one.

akikiki | September 29, 2018

if you suspect that they have their own login/account with your car, call Tesla ownership dept and ask them to check, then send them an email asking to remove that account from your car and confirm via email back to you.