m3 test drive

m3 test drive

Existing model S owner, reserved model 3 April 2016.
Window pop up for m3 test drive when browsering Tesla website last night.
Got a phone call from Tesla today morning for confirmation. "We will call you once it's released" per representative.

Anyone else received phone call?

billy. | July 3, 2017

I ordered the night of the reveal (I'm in CA) and have not received a popup or phone call.

hapstr | July 3, 2017

Not yet, reserved 3/31. Live 20 miles from plant. So glad they are scheduling test drives. Have a couple of concerns to sort out before ordering.

eeb9 | July 3, 2017

I usually hit this in the Safari browser on an iPad, so no pup-ups for me..

May have to check from my PC just to see what the options are these days