Model 3 request to configure can it be pushed back after they offer me configuration?

Model 3 request to configure can it be pushed back after they offer me configuration?

I am currently looking at a house with a huge remodel required (1931) but I have to keep the money back for my Tesla and was curious if I would be allowed to push back my date by 3-6months to give me enough cash to finish my house without losing my reservation.

ddrmadness | July 20, 2017

I don't think there is an official answer on this, but my understanding of model s configuration is that you can push the estimated receipt date out as far as 3 months while you are configuring. I suspect there will be something similar for the model 3

ReD eXiLe ms us | July 20, 2017

With both Model S and Model X it was possible to defer Order placement to a later date, even after invited to Configure. There has been nothing to indicate that would be different with Model ☰.

SamO | July 20, 2017

yes. IF Model 3 configuration is the same as Model S and Model X configuration. Your reservation never expires.

carlk | July 20, 2017

Like ReD and SamO said.

TheChad | July 20, 2017

Elon has previously tweeted that you could push your reso back. He hasnt said how long you could or if you could multiple times as new configurations come out.

stevenmaifert | July 20, 2017

With so many folks wanting AWD that won't be available initially, I can't image that Tesla wouldn't have some mechanism to defer configuration/ordering.

Coastal Cruiser. | July 20, 2017

I called Tesla within the past month and spoke to a rep about this specific question, because I'm in the same boat. Yes. You can extend the configuration date. It can be extended in perpetuity.

jpstockwel | July 22, 2017

Coastal_Cruiser! Thanks for making the call I haven't had time to make. I want to get it as soon as possible but don't want a huge pile of debt as well as no where to park it inside. But kinda would like to get the whole house wired for 300amp so I can charge my car.

SUN 2 DRV | July 25, 2017

Think about it.... Tesla would be happy to hold your $1,000 interest free for as long as you'd like. I'm sure there are lots of people on the forum who'd be happy to do the same for you...

kkchan67 | July 27, 2017

You should also factor in when if the federal rebate might phase out though, after Tesla deliver it's 200,000 vehicle.