My Tesla 3 Manage button gone!

My Tesla 3 Manage button gone!

My Tesla 3 Manage button has vanished - Am I alone? What could this mean???

KP in NPT | July 25, 2017

Yep. Gone.

Could be a glitch?

Gofins13 | July 25, 2017

Yes, mine is gone also. It's begun! | July 25, 2017

Mine too. Are other changes afoot?

SeaDoc | July 25, 2017

Is this good news or bad news???

KP in NPT | July 25, 2017

I had it earlier today, as recently as a few hours ago (last time I was on that page.)

KP in NPT | July 25, 2017

I don't think it means anything. Definitely not bad news. (What could bad news be? No one gets their car? LOL)

They were messing with the site studio was up and down for a bulk of the day. Possible they're making changes to the model 3 page, or possible it's just a mistake from when they were working on the site.

Mike83 | July 25, 2017

Mine too. Excited, yes.

SeaDoc | July 25, 2017

Interestingly, no longer able to cancel (not that I would)... I'm remaining hopeful that we might be in the first group to have access to the configuration menu when it becomes available... I was a first day order. Are there anyone out there with the manage button still intact for the 3? Please share... Thanks much...

Xerogas | July 25, 2017

Makes sense. They're probably adding all the back-end website code to handle Model 3 configuration, and don't want anyone to accidentally click the button that would lead to the in-progress work they're doing.

KP in NPT | July 25, 2017

On FB I asked, and so far only 1 person still has the button. They are in Canada.

edwardmorgan | July 25, 2017

Where do you find the manage button that you are speaking of?

KP in NPT | July 25, 2017

Nevermind, the Canada guy now says his button is gone too.

edwardmorgan, it was next to the picture of your model 3 on your My Tesla page.

edwardmorgan | July 25, 2017


jmatt | July 25, 2017

Extended Warranty page changed as well though no info on the 3 yet. I was looking at it earlier today and the chart was updated and simplified.

meliv8515 | July 25, 2017

Mine is gone too!

Glenlakehouse | July 25, 2017

Mine too. The My Tesla page is really bare bones now. Looking forward to the updates later this week!

ddrmadness | July 25, 2017

It's happeniiiiiing!!! *insert colorful Ron Paul meme*

tripplett | July 25, 2017

I was so excited I took a screen capture of the My Tesla page when I pre ordered my 3. Yep, looks completely different now.

eric.whang | July 25, 2017

I'm ready to configure my M3.

eeb9 | July 25, 2017

Yup - they're doing some behind the scenes updates - three days and counting...

bj | July 25, 2017

Same here, and I'm in Oz.

gavinfaulkner | July 25, 2017

Ditto. I am in NZ and reserved in November

Dansosa | July 25, 2017

Mine also missing. Reserved 10AM at Tesla March 31 10AM

JAD | July 25, 2017

Mine is missing on both March 31 reservation and one I made a few months later, but still there for my S.

Okie1 | July 25, 2017

Gone baby gone!

jefjes | July 25, 2017

Gone and took a second to see how to get back to this

Cjmaloney | July 26, 2017

Probably means the other configure your model 3 web page is up but we don't know the location of that site (address). Sure wish we could find it.
I assure you I'm not a robot.

Cjmaloney | July 26, 2017

Also see that the s100d is now rated at 350m/charge. New cells?

flwrman | July 26, 2017

They made a comment on my page saying they have a technical glitch and to close the site and try again. Did that but still did not have all info !!

TheChad | July 26, 2017

Cj - if you go to www dot Tesla(dotcom)/model3/design it redirects you to the Model 3 homepage. I am pretty sure this will be the web address when they go live with it.

stevenroglen | July 26, 2017

Maybe I just never paid enough attention, but I don't remember seeing that button at all.

dd.micsol | July 26, 2017

Thechad-When I configured my X it wasn't a design webpage address but rather encrypted page address. I doubt it will be just design.html

Ehninger1212 | July 26, 2017

On my Tesla page it's only showing me the blue car, RN# and my information.

D.bakhai | July 26, 2017

Same as Ehninger1212 and I reserved 31/03 in shop prior to unveil in UK.

Tom_pattison | July 26, 2017

Same for me too! Uk September reservation

Gwgan | July 26, 2017

The Manage page is still accessible via

Billc | July 26, 2017

Yep, i reserved at 3/31 Reveal in Hawthorn -- nothing but blue car and my contact info

spmeister | July 26, 2017

My Manage button is also gone. Humorously, my PowerWall 2 order is still Manage-able, including the ability to modify or cancel the order, but my system has been installed for about a month now.

andy.connor.e | July 26, 2017

Clearly they canceled your order.

PhillyGal | July 26, 2017

Same here. My Model S has the manage button, as expected.

Tesla-David | July 26, 2017

Mine gone also! My MS and PW2 manage buttons still there.

elephant in a bottle | July 26, 2017

It's just Mark Z hacking tesla website.

Jcastillo18 | July 26, 2017

Mines back up except the manage button

ColoDriver | July 26, 2017

Some really interesting things in the HTML source code that I don't think were there before. Someone much better versed in HTML (not hard to be better) should probably take a look.

For example:
line 130 - Tesla.Smartling._accept_terms = "By confirming this order you agree to the";
line 131 - Tesla.Smartling._reservation_agreement = "Tesla Order Agreement";

Remember, Elon says hacking is good. Please don't cancel my reservation till I can click that "Confirm" button, wherever/whenever it might appear :-)

seattlemag | July 26, 2017

Great catch ColoDriver. Looking at the source myself, but don't have too much to add re: M3... but Line 415 is interesting:

Line 415 - class = mytesla-dashboard user-has--toomanycars

Ha, as if that were possible!

jefjes | July 26, 2017

Maybe they are doing this just in case there is confusion about something during the event that may make many reservation holders cancel. By removing the option to cancel from the My Tesla page, it will provide a buffer for any possible mass exodus, should that be the case.

Mike83 | July 26, 2017

Please cancel. You can email them or call them.

MAPC | July 26, 2017

No Manage button on mine, just my RN and a pic of a blue M3. Interestingly MyTesla shows my Roadster (sold 3+ years ago) and doesn't show my MS (sold 15 months ago).

LA-Fohlen | July 26, 2017

I think we are all like little kids. Every little or larger change with Tesla gets the highest attention and potential reasons need to be discussed.

Btw, mine is gone too. Why?

And no, I'm no robot.

andy.connor.e | July 26, 2017

I think that if anything changes at all ever, we need detailed and thorough investigation from the highest level of authoritative investigative institution. Because we cannot allow Tesla to work and made modifications when im sitting here with my thumb up my a$$ getting pissed about every little nit-picking detail that i notice up until Tesla reveals to me what kind of product im getting from my reservation deposit.