Black Wheels Matter

Black Wheels Matter

There are two models of wheels observed in the prototypes photographed so far.

One is a silver wheel and another one is black. The black wheel is not looking good in my opinion.

Do you know if all wheels offered by Tesla so far come in silver, gray and black?

JayInJapan | July 26, 2017

We'll get more information from the reveal.

andy.connor.e | July 26, 2017

All wheels matter

12Brent | July 26, 2017

My wish is for the turbine wheels (like the ones on the red prototype shell), but in black... sadly I'm prepared to be disappointed because none of the production candidate vehicles had them. I'm with you, I want black wheels but I don't like the aero ones so much.

carlgo2 | July 26, 2017

Love the turbine wheels in any color...reward wheels?!!!! Maybe the aero wheels look better in person?

Ehninger1212 | July 26, 2017

If the gift ends up being special wheels I retract my idea to buy aftermarket wheels I prefer over stock wheels.

Having said that. I do hope they offer the wheels in different shades duh a grey and black.

mntlvr23 | July 26, 2017

blue wheels matter

jordanrichard | July 27, 2017

Anything other than those "aero wheels"........

Shock | July 27, 2017

I'm going to put spinners on mine anyway.

andy.connor.e | July 27, 2017

Spinners tend to be used as a form of compensation..... for something.....

eeb9 | July 27, 2017

I want gold-plated wire spokes. It's a fatal design flaw if they are not available on day one.

LA-Fohlen | July 27, 2017

Is that you Donny?

Aellinsar | July 27, 2017

FWIW, a friend of mine has a Model X with black wheels - he bought regular gray wheels and powder-coated them for ~$120 each, if I recall. So that's always an option if you really want black wheels.

carlgo2 | July 27, 2017

Someone painted his wheels with that dip paint and like the results. Might be interesting to paint the aero wheels. Lots cheaper than powder coating, a process that costs more than what it is worth in many cases. The aeros are compelling to me in a strange way, even though they really are ugly.

msmith55 | July 27, 2017

What I want is the most efficient wheel, one that is perfectly smooth inside and outside that minimizes air movement loses.