Will the Model 3 release cause a rise in the used Model S market?

Will the Model 3 release cause a rise in the used Model S market?

Once the 3 releases, does anyone think that the used MS market will fill up? Could this lead to a drop in prices on the used Model S market? As a 3 reservation holder who would prefer an S, I sure wouldn't be upset by that possibility.

PhillyGal | July 26, 2017

Only as/if it relates to newer autopilot technology, but then it would be folks upgrading their S/X to an S/X with the newest features. Maybe some to the 3 if they don't want/need the size of the S/X but no on its own, no.

andy.connor.e | July 26, 2017

Thats an unpredictable answer. But at the same time, i wouldnt understand why a new & less expensive car coming to the market would increase sales for a more expensive car.

Xerogas | July 26, 2017

I can guarantee there will be one more gently used Model S on the market as soon as I get my Model 3.

I think $35K for less than 50K miles seems reasonable, any takers?

noleaf4me | July 26, 2017

Where RU Xerogas? What year/type?

Tesla2018 | July 26, 2017

If you trade it in then you just pay sales tax on the net amount you owe after the trade in is deducted not the full purchase price.

noleaf4me | July 26, 2017

But the trade value is always SO LOW

AlMc | July 26, 2017

@OP: Yes

Xerogas | July 26, 2017

@noleaf4me: I'm in San Diego, with an MS40 from 2013 (roughly #10,000). Pure white, tan leather seats, pano roof. It's one of those rare software-limited 60s.

stevenroglen | July 27, 2017

@Xerogas, what's the range on that?

JustSaying | July 27, 2017

In CA sales tax is charged on purchase price with out regard to the trade in value.

john | July 27, 2017

Model 3 will bring heightened interest and consideration to Tesla. Anyone becoming interested in owning a Tesla now will have to buy an S or X. I'm guessing modest appreciation in used Tesla values.

jordanrichard | July 27, 2017

I can see the value of used MS's going up and here is why. The Model 3 will be more awareness of the brand. The Model 3 is going to be of a certain size and perhaps someone wants a bigger version of the Model 3 from this new car company they just became aware of. There will always be people who have to have the "top of the line" car.

Typically it is an exotic/concept car that is the "halo" car, but I think the Model 3 will be the car that gets more feet in the showrooms or get people interested in getting the bigger car from Tesla.

noleaf4me | July 27, 2017

Xerogas - would be hard for me to get that back to ATL

seattlemag | July 27, 2017

@noleaf4me - you can always ship it ;)

Garyeop | July 27, 2017

Yes, the growth in Tesla made cars will increase the number of used Tesla cars.
Yes the growth in Tesla customers will decrease the number of used Tesla cars.

Now, what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

viktorleon | July 27, 2017

@Xerogas... I'm also looking @ getting into an MS and pass on the 3 to my wife. If you don't mind sharing details.

bizzle | July 27, 2017

@Xerogas I'm local to you and would like to take you up on that offer. How do we get in contact? mbraun [at] sdsu [edu]

Xerogas | July 28, 2017

Hi everyone, sorry I didn't mean to turn this into a personal sales channel. If you post your contact info, as mbraun has, I'll try to reach out to you.

Current stats on the car:
Software-limited 40 means it's actually a 60, but Tesla won't let it charge past 72% (which also means the battery has been babied quite well!). Paying Tesla the difference will unlock the rest of the range, as well as supercharger access. If you don't ever need that extended range or supercharger access or autopilot, then this is a steal :) If you do want those things, then you're probably better off buying a used MS60
Current range shows estimated max 127 miles (and has not diminished for about a year). Tesla service tells me it's actually more, but the calculations are not accurate. They say if I drive it till it's almost empty, it will reset the calculations
I've had it detailed every two weeks since I got it 4.5 years ago, and it currently has 48K miles on it. Everyone says it looks new. No children or pets or food have ever entered the car.
A couple years ago, Tesla replaced the entire drive unit
I currently drive less than 7500 miles/year
It's my only car, so I can't sell it until I take delivery of my Model 3, which I ordered on 3/31/2016...anybody's guess as to when I'll get mine, but I'm fairly high up in the queue
White, pano roof, tan leather, no child seats

bizzle | July 28, 2017

My wife has one more year on her eGolf's lease and we're quite flexible on when/how we'll be replacing it.