Window frame pulled off. So frustrating.

Window frame pulled off. So frustrating.

The window of the driver door side and passenger door side have been stiff. I could often hear noice when I open and close the windows, but I didn't care a lot, as it was working without noise sometimes, and most of the time, I let them closed.

Today. Things happened. When I opened the driver side window and closed, the chrome window frame was pulled off alongside the window.
So. So. So frustrating. How could it be made crude to this extent?

Fortunately, it happened at the supercharger. If it happened while driving, it would way worse.
Now the window is dangling as there's no frame.

Anyone has the similar issues?

P.S. Service center doesn't response by phone. Voice message is not working :(

mikyungl | July 27, 2017

The tesla is even very new. It's 2017 model.

rich.j | July 27, 2017

That's a common issue. They'll fix it. Go to your SC and show them. They'll either fix it then or order a part.

mikyungl | July 27, 2017

Visited SC, and they replaced the part. They said it's known issue, and the replaced one is more durable.
So far, it's good. but still have concern that the frame on the passenger door will be pulled off in the future.