Will this be an option?????
Who thinks this is priority?

Leela | July 27, 2017

I'd get the option if it was available, but not a deal breaker.

Garyeop | July 27, 2017

Does it work internally? I have gas.

kaffine | July 27, 2017

The carbon filter may help.

Not really a concern for me. As long as there is at least a basic filter I will be happy. Have had to clean too many evap coils in trucks so would like a filter of some sort that is easy and cheap to change.

jnichols541 | July 27, 2017

I would love to have it, if available.

supercoolcube | July 27, 2017

REALLY want this option. We have some of the worst air quality in the nation in California. Would be a very sad omission if it wasn't offered.

Coastal Cruiser. | July 27, 2017

It is my number 1 priority option... but alas, best conjecture is it's not slated for the early runs.

Hopeful that early adopters will be able to retrofit.

ReD eXiLe ms us | July 28, 2017

Garyeop: Do a search on YouTube for 'hotbox Tesla' or similar. There used to be a video here [ vs_X29DzUfo ] but it is no longer online...