A message for the Koch brothers

A message for the Koch brothers

BOOYAH! In your face!

rxlawdude | July 28, 2017


jordanrichard | July 28, 2017

While it is popular to stink one's middle finger up at the Koch brothers and oil companies in general, just remember that a large number of power plants run off natural gas, which is increasingly becoming a large part of oil companies revenue/profit.

Wimpy ti | July 28, 2017

Koch brothers do not however operate drilling rigs or any kind of exploration/production operations. They primarily operate a handful of refineries, some anhydrous ammonia production facilities, textiles, and several other unrelated ventures. If anything, they are hurt by the increased demand/price for natural gas due to increased feedstock and energy prices.

The ironic flipside to this is that they do benefit (to an extent) when solar or other green energy offsets natural gas driven power plants due to demand reduction for that natural gas. Of course that is a short term viewpoint, as the long term inability of petroleum to compete with the price of electricity for powering automobiles will be an enormous blow to refiners.

-just a silly engineer, not a robot

Wimpy ti | July 28, 2017

Hmm some light reading shows I may have misspoken.. I think they own some tar sand leases in Canada.

LostInTx | July 28, 2017

And while it's fashionable to blast oil companies, people realize that besides Exxon, these are, for the most part, energy companies as much as they're oil companies. These people aren't stupid - they provide gasoline for your car that per ounce, is cheaper than the bottled water you purchase while filling up your tank.

BP, Shell, Chevron and others are spending millions, if not collectively billions, on development of alternate energy. These companies have the brains and the resources to make things happen. I visited BP in Houston the other day and I saw a LOT of Tesla's in the parking lot. They're fully aware of the future.

If the effort is transition to sustainable forms of transportation and/or energy, we should engage all stakeholders, including those who figured out how to fuel the world for the past 100+ years.

Chargedmr2 | July 28, 2017

Recent reports in the media revealed that the Koch brothers are channeling millions of dollars (indirectly) into misinformation campaigns about electric vehicles. I don't have the links, but do a quick search. Electrek published an article a few months back as well as a few mainstream media outlets.

So as the OP your face Koch brothers.

rxlawdude | July 28, 2017

Actually @LostInTx, there were myriad cases of oil and gas companies buying up patents for sustainable energy and non-ICE vehicles. To kill them.

These folks are not the environment's friend. Not at all.