Will the Model 3 220 mile range option come with a premium package option?

Will the Model 3 220 mile range option come with a premium package option?

chrstphgoldenstern | August 12, 2017

...and when?

hoffmannjames | August 12, 2017

yes, the 220 mile range car will have the premium option. It will be available whenever the 220 mile range model becomes available.

gavinmcc | August 12, 2017

Yes... according to Tesla the 220 model production will start in Nov 2017 and you can buy it "plain" or with the premium package at that time (though it won't be available to me till when you can get it will depend on your place in line).


chrstphgoldenstern | August 13, 2017

Thank You!

Tropopause | August 13, 2017


stevenmaifert | August 14, 2017

Yes, but Tesla has a history of shuffling the deck when it comes to the feature set in it's upgrade packages. What you see today may be different a year from now.

iansmccarthy | October 25, 2017

Those who are claiming that the Model 3 in a "reasonable" configuration will cost $50K are being disingenuous. I don't see any reason to pay 9K for the extended range battery. Unlike ICE cars it won't get you any real performance improvement and probably 90 percent of drivers don't need more than 220 miles range as long as they have home charging. I have ordered the premium seats, interior, sound system plus the enhanced autopilot and metallic paint, that gets the price up to 45K (but I should get 10K in tax credits so net 35K which is about the same as a Subaru Forester). Where the fuss about paying extra for colours other than black is concerned, I note that metallic paint on a 3 series BMW is a $900 option and I have never seen a 3 series without metallic paint

andy.connor.e | October 25, 2017

Just realized my post got deleted. Whats up with that

KP in NPT | October 25, 2017

What was it?

sbeggs | October 25, 2017

My corollary thread should be, will the Model 3 310 mile range option come with a standard package option???

philippe | November 4, 2017

Getting the long range without the premium package doesn't seem to be an option at this time.

It also looks like the standard range model will not have the premium package option from the beginning :-(
That's a real bummer as it appears that you have to get the long range model if you want the premium option if you don't want to lose your place in the line.
This is what Tesla is now saying: "Future options will include an optional white interior, premium package as an upgrade choice", meaning that the option is not going to be initially available but only at some unspecified future date.
(from here:
Also note the delivery estimator where it shows: "310 mile range, Rear Wheel Drive and premium upgrades" and "220 mile range with Rear Wheel Drive" with no premium upgrade mention.