Tracking software version

Tracking software version

Dear all

I am a newcomer in the forum from France (sorry for my poor English) and the lucky owner of a beautiful red 90D TMX.

I am wondering how can I be sure that I have the last version of the software on my TMX.

In other words how can I understand the version code and where should I find the info of the Last version to be up to date.

Perhaps this topic has been already discussed on the forum but I have not found the "search" button.

Greetings from France


Dramsey | August 31, 2017

You can see your current software version by touching the “T” logo at the top center of your car’s central screen. The version number will be shown, along with other information, in a pop up window that will appear.

Tesla never officially says what the “latest version” is, and frequently pushes out updates to a limited number of vehicles— not every car will get all updates. And aside from going to a service center there is no way to force your car to download a new update— you must simply wait.

EVRider | September 1, 2017

If you have the Tesla mobile app, you can also see the version there. For the iOS app, the version is displayed at the bottom of the main screen; I assume the Android app is similar but I don't know that.