Upstate NY: Maintenance / Service

Upstate NY: Maintenance / Service

Hello everyone,

I just recently joined the queue for an M3. I have seen a few MX/MSs around the area that I live in (around Syracuse, NY) but haven't had a chance to talk with an owner yet. According to tesla's website, the closest tesla service center is >230miles away (in Canada!). I'm curious as to how often it is expected to need to take an EV like the M3, to an actual tesla service center. Will most maintenance be able to be performed at traditional garage shops?

I'm trying to determine if it is realistic to have it be my main vehicle this coming year with the lack of service centers around. I can't rely on driving that far for regular maintenance... If that is the case, it may be better for me to consider an EV from another vendor (Chevrolet or Nissan) that can provide service support locally.

Thanks in advance for any useful input :)

KP in NPT | September 15, 2017

You might post this on the S or X forum, as more owners on those pages. I am pretty sure @Silver2K is in Syracuse. He does travel for his service, I want to say OH and sometimes Mt. Cisco.

Bear in mind Tesla also offers ranger service for many issues. And a lot can be diagnosed and fixed remotely OTA.

RonaldA | September 21, 2017

There is a bill in the NYS senate and congress that if passed would allow more Tesla sights in NY. Please see the NY state part of the forum for details. Call your reps tell them to pass this bill which is currently in the rules and transportation committees. It isn't Tesla limiting these service locations it is your law makers backed by the automobile dealer's association.

dyefrog | September 21, 2017

Silver does travel to Mt. Kisco which I think he said 5 hours one way. Not cool. I'm in the capital district and expect to go to either Mt. Kisco or Paramus N.J. but as mentioned, they are adding to the ranger fleet so I'm hoping to not need to make that trip too often.
Interesting about the NYS senate bill. Did not know that. I've been pushing Tesla for a Gallery/Service Center in the Saratoga area as the demographic is a good fit and Schenectady (Electric City) is nearby which has a rich history in the early days of electrical engineering with GE, Edison, Steinmetz, Tesla, Westinghouse, Alexander but until they pass this bill, we're out of luck.

Daniel S | September 21, 2017

Future m3 owner that goes to UNI at Rochester.

I asked a Tesla rep and he said that I literally have to go to Canada ( closest location) to service my car unfortunately. Most likely if you have to visit a service center, your car is in really bad shape. They can usually diagnose any errors over the cloud/update which is pretty cool.

RonaldA | September 22, 2017

I have had very reasonable repair turn around with ranger in Buffalo (ranger out one day after I called repairs done in my garage) also have had annual maintenance via a ranger with a tow to Pittsburgh and if linked to a recall or minor problem it works out for free if your under warranty.

andy.connor.e | September 22, 2017

I certainly hope they open something closer to albany, or syracuse.

PhillyGal | September 22, 2017

Only current owners can see the regional parts of the forum. (Don't worry all, they don't seem to be very active.)

Shock | September 22, 2017

I think currently while under warranty if necessary they send a ranger, aka a person who visits you on their dime to repair the car on site if possible.

I'm assuming this all seems much worse than it is in practice, else fairly wealthy people would not be putting up with it.