Tesla and AMD to develop A.I. chip for FSD?

Tesla and AMD to develop A.I. chip for FSD?

Tesla and AMD to develop A.I. chip for self-driving cars?

If Tesla creates it's own purpose built AI chip for FSD, do you think they will retrofit all AP2+ cars with it? How long does a custom chip typically take to make? I'm really looking forward to seeing how technology advances over the next few years!

carlk | September 20, 2017

I saw this coming for a long while now. Elon is the vertical integration guy he likely will not want to rely on suppliers for this one of the most important component in a Tesla car. Jim Keller who heads both autopilot hardware and software teams at Tesla now is one of the top chip designers who incidentally worked at AMD where he designed the K8 processor. He was also responsible for Apple's A4/A5 processors while he was working for Apple.

Coastal Cruiser. | September 20, 2017

carlk +1 for the backgrounder

All I have to add is, better AMD than INTEL.

KP in NPT | September 20, 2017

Yes, I do think Tesla will upgrade the chip if it's needed for FSD implementation.

carlk | September 20, 2017

Leave Intel to screw up Merc, Ford and all the rest.

cascadiadesign | September 20, 2017

Upgrading the chip likely includes upgrading the circuit board it resides on. For those who think $5-6k is a lot to spend for a "software" upgrade, I'm sure Tesla factored in the probability of upgrading hardware before FSD is a reality.

ebiggs | September 20, 2017

There's a trade off in going with stereo vision and radar in lieu of lidar. The lidar-les solution requires greater innovation in software while the lidar version requires greater innovation in hardware (making the sensors affordable and smaller)... I suppose innovating in software comes with the potential risk of needing to replace the processor, but that's far easier/cheaper to upgrade than the sensors which require mounting and wiring. Hopefully this is all part of Tesla's plan.

Carl Thompson | September 20, 2017

"There's a trade off in going with stereo vision and radar in lieu of lidar."

Are the cameras used in Teslas stereo? I didn't think they were?

Carl | September 20, 2017

Elon mentioned the possible need to replace the EAP/FSD controller board at the 1Q conference call, saying it was OK because they have access to the board via the glove compartment.

This is another DIY job on top of Teslavision. Good luck. | September 20, 2017

Forward-looking cameras are Tri-focal, I think, with aggregate properties to exceed human vision in all respects.

carlk | September 20, 2017

The biggest handicap of LIDAR is you can only put it in a few test cars at this moment and likely for the foreseeable future. The biggest advantage of camera is Tesla already has tens of thousands and pretty soon many more machines on the road to do the deep learning. My guess is Elon did not want to do micky mouse things to run a few test cars and wait to see what hardware advancement will be becoming available. I truly believe he got the right strategy. Camera is good enough already but software is the tough one to crack. Others will eventually see it and go to camera but they will be years behind Tesla when they do.

ebiggs | September 20, 2017

Wow I stand corrected, thanks guys.. I saw 8 cameras and assumed that must have meant stereo, but instead it means wide angle and narrow angle... I'm a bit surprised, I guess they concluded that radar is good enough for depth perception. I suppose you could also extract a depth map from monoscopic vision but that seems so much needlessly harder to do that they wouldn't try to do it without first mastering stereoscopic.

Electric Yikes | September 21, 2017

It’s good to see a company that it is able and willingful to rectify their approach. Propietary chip maybe the best solution although it will maybe impact the dates they were comitted to be able to achieve FSD. Let’s see...

mikdot | September 21, 2017

So I'm guessing that this means nvidia will not be supplying the chip sets for the model 3. And later on Tesla will be retrofitting the cars that are being produced now?

cascadiadesign | September 21, 2017

I'm confused by the announcement. My understanding is the Model 3 uses a Nvidia Drive PX2 supercomputer for the autopilot system. Does this announcement mean the Nvidia computer is still used, but with the AMD chip replacing or supplementing some portion of it? Or is Nvidia being replaced entirely?