Windows Have Room to Close Further

Windows Have Room to Close Further

When closing the car doors, the windows automatically elevate making a tighter seal with the door frame gasket. However, if you use the door buttons to raise the windows, they will go up just a bit more to make an even tighter seal. Is that normal or should there be no further movement of the windows using the door buttons once the doors are closed?

OvrICE | October 12, 2017

If you call the help line, let them know the issue. We had an issue with the window not going all the way up and they had us reset the window. That fixed it.

JPPTM | October 12, 2017

Recalibrate. Press and hold the window down button until the window reaches the bottom and keep holding for a few seconds. Then hold the up button and let the window raise fully, and keep holding for a few seconds. Now press and release the down button, and see that the window reaches the bottom. Press and release the up button. The window should now go all the way up.

sr.smr | October 14, 2017

Thanks JPPTM! I followed your directions and the windows are more snug now.

DRFLGD | October 14, 2017

My driver's side door allows me to "roll up" the windows slightly after I get into the car. Tried JPPTM's trick and it didn't work. I'll have the SC look at it the next time I'm there.