When will it be possible to order a Model 3 WITH the Battery Upgrade but WITHOUT the Premium upgrades?

When will it be possible to order a Model 3 WITH the Battery Upgrade but WITHOUT the Premium upgrades?

It seems like
First Production, available now = Base Model + Premium Upgrades + Battery Pack
Second Production, available early 2018 = Base Model (no premium, no battery pack)
Third Production, available spring 2018 = Base Dual-motor Model (Premium? Battery?)

But is there any indication of when we will see mix-and-match options? specifically, I would like the Base Model + Battery Pack, but it is unclear to me if this will ever be offered, and if so how late into 2018 I will have to wait. I guess I would consider Dual Motor + Battery Pack, but there's also no pricing about that now either.

Sorry if this has been asked multiple times. I couldn't find it in the threads :)

Go Tesla!

LA-Fohlen | November 2, 2017

I guess you know as much about the schedule as everybody else here does.

KP in NPT | November 2, 2017

I'm going to guess during second production.

dsvick | November 3, 2017

I'm with KP. The original FAQ had it worded much better and more strongly implied that you'd be able to get standard range with PUP.

WormtownKris | November 3, 2017

I am purely guessing like everyone else here, but I assume that ordering options will gradually be added to the configuration page as those features or options hit the marketplace. So once they've built a few of the base/no PUP Model 3s, I would think that, similar to color and wheel choice, you will be able to toggle base/extended range as well as Yes Premium Package/ No Premium Package. I do not think this is like 2013 where they configured the assembly lines for LHD, then ran RHD cars for a month, then did small battery cars, then large battery cars. Right now they are running blue cars and black cars and white cars, etc, with 18" and 19" wheels. The next configuration mentioned is base/ standard range. They *COULD* only make 310/PUP and 220/no PUP for a while, but I am guessing that those features become mix and match options like paint color once they start producing those configurations. Then a few months later Dual Motor would be another option *I THINK* as well as white interior, etc, etc. If they can do all that on the S and the X lines, they should quickly be able to produce the "easier to build 3s" with all the choices as well. Hoping so because we are targeting base range with PUP here in Wormtown.

Rocky_H | November 3, 2017

I am pretty sure it's like a two category matrix that has four possibilities. There are items A and B. First, they are only doing one of those combinations, which is + +, in other words it has both. When they have been going with that for a little while, I'm pretty sure they will open it up to where you can pick any of those four combinations: - -, - +, + -, + +