ANy truch that Tesla planning on Using Blockchain / Golem GNT/Ethereum as a part of Tesla Automoibils? If so Awesome looking for

ANy truch that Tesla planning on Using Blockchain / Golem GNT/Ethereum as a part of Tesla Automoibils? If so Awesome looking for

I heard from some system admins in California that they heard Tesla/Elon Musk was going to use the Golem / Ethereum distibuted block chain computing project as part of the Tesla network... sounds pretty awesome Elon Always picks the coolest emerging technology... is there any truth in this? I just started getting into cruptocurrency/bitcin stuff so I am totally investing in them... cant wait for spacex to go public...

I think aside from quantum computing that blockchain would be awesome in the upcoming satellite network as a form of mesh computing... Also I think its an awesome idea to use blockchain technology to build data for the automation/car sharring system...

And its good to see him stand behind decentralized cryptocurrency... Id love to find out more any one have any info? Ive asked on reddit and wrote some tweets to Elon...

PrimeTime | November 9, 2017

A slip using a "u" for a "y" points to a Russian troll. Are you one Robert P. Eaton?

Dramsey | November 9, 2017

The OP has no idea at all what “blockchain” is. Troll or moron, take your pick.

robertp.eaton | November 9, 2017

Why am I a troll? Russian? jeeze watching to much Trump....

I hear from some guys on IRC .. some sys admins in an NGINX forum. Why dont I have any idea about it? And you hate Russians or something? Im an Expat living in China , American if it means anything.

Dramsey | November 9, 2017

" jeeze watching to much Trump...."

No, just seeing too many nonsensical posts.

If you're serious, please explain how you think Tesla could use blockchains. Or why a super-volatile cryptocurrency would have ANY POSSIBLE FUNCTION in Tesla's network.

RedShift | November 9, 2017

It’s function to is to annoy us by asking for a problem to fit their solution.

A decentralized database would be an awesome fit for Tesla. Oh, yeah, genius.

blue adept | November 10, 2017


Please delete this nonsensical garbage.

Thank you!

Remnant | November 10, 2017

@robertp.eaton (November 9, 2017)

<< Why am I a troll? Russian? jeeze watching to much Trump.... >>

Well, let's face it.

Either English is not your mother tongue, or you were intoxicated when you typed your OP.

If you go back to it and correct all language errors, you might have a chance to change the first impression.

nathan.ryweck | January 14, 2018

Spelling and grammar aside, Tesla should be using blockchain. It would solve a number of problems at once. With an "ICO" Tesla could raise $billions, leveraging the cryptocurrency mania and become perhaps the dominant crypto coin. The stock price would probaly double from the influx of free capital. The "TeslaCoins" could also serve a real would utility: supercharging credits, solar credits, reward points, accessories purchases, refferal rewards, and future autonomous vehicle sharing credits. There are already crypto coins that do some of these things, such as Solar Coin and Power Ledger, but this would be Tesla, and it would be awwsome. Once the currency gained value, it would be accepted as payment at Tesla stores and paid to Tesla employees as an option or bonus. Of course, Tesla would have also save money in financial services fees. It could also be positioned as a future currency of Mars.

RedShift | January 14, 2018


Or they could just focus on building better electric cars. Block chain isn’t a great fit for what Tesla does. Blockchain isn’t some great solution for everything on this planet.

Tesla2018 | January 14, 2018

Future currency on Mars?
I knew posts like this would start once they legalized weed.
Next thing people willl start making posts about where they can bring their adopted pet monkeys to get sex change operations.

AstonZagato | January 14, 2018

Why would Elon, who is evangelical about getting rid of emissions, adopt a technology which burns more energy than Argentina?
Millennials will dump cryptocurrencies when they realise that they are raping the planet.

Tesla2018 | January 14, 2018

I know nothing about cryptocurrencies. How do they use up energy? Do people have to run computers all day long to solve math problems to earn them using electricity? Doesnt stock market trading use electricity too?? Why am not understanding.

psusi | January 16, 2018

Yes; they are also going to be using the latest Mr. Potato head technology to power the autopilot.

Thereves9172 | September 25, 2019

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reed_lewis | October 1, 2019

Blockchain can solve two issues.

1. Distributed database where there is not central storage system.
2. Audit of additions to the database.

Neither of these need to be solved for Tesla. So any talk of blockchain for Tesla is useless.