Australia Power Wall 2 supplies

Australia Power Wall 2 supplies

Hi everyone,

I have ordered the Power Wall 2 from Solaray in Sydney Austraila area about 3 month ago. They told me it will happen soon, now they are telling me the popularity of the product is immense and Tesla is trying their very best to supply the PW2 ASAP.

It has been quite a bit wait. Does this delay has anything to do with South Australia's largest Power Grid installation?

Kind regards.

Ross1 | November 30, 2017

South Aus is complete now. More likely assets were being diverted to Puerto Rico.
Hope you get it soon, and that the Aus software is u p to it.
I thought I would leave mine until: the price comes down,. and the software is fixed.

SimonR_AU | December 5, 2017

Ordered mine 26 September. Told it'll be next year some time.

Waiting patiently for my Powerwall and Model 3

Was hoping to have before Summer outages. Need power to run the house water pump. Always handy during fire season.

Wonder when the next shipment batch will be sent.

anthonyb | December 12, 2017

Mine took 3 months from time of order to install.

anthonyb | December 12, 2017

... and that was installed 2 weeks ago

Tesla-David | December 13, 2017

I envy those of you who have been able to get your PW2 installations. I have been waiting for 2+ years for my PW installation in NW Washington State. Tesla-Energy tells me I might get my installation in early 2018 as all their resources have been diverted to Puerto Rico for the energy retrofit there.

steven | December 19, 2017

Mine took 6 months from time of initial deposit to flipping the switch.

grahamk | December 20, 2017

I placed my order in January 2017. Finally installed two weeks ago (December 11). So, took 11 months from order to installation with a few false starts. But, it's worth the wait. Almost went with Sonnen back in September but decided against. Tesla had better specs for the $.

Just have to be patient. The product hasn't reached critical mass to expedite orders fast enough.

Firmware update went from v1.9.2 to v1.10.2 within a week. Waiting for the ToU load shifting option that is being promised by 31 Dec.

jp | December 26, 2017

Nine months for me from order to installation: 2 PW2's on a 3 phase domestic install. 6 weeks of that were due to what can most politely termed "A series of unfortunate events" by the solar company.
Supply IS still severely constrained I believe.