2018 Tesla Calendar

2018 Tesla Calendar

It would be nice if Tesla would offer a calendar for sale. Proceeds could be used for disaster relief, expanding the super charger network.
Each month would have new inspiring picture. Yes this would be a targeted form of advertisement. Would any of you be interested in a Tesla calendar? | November 22, 2017

I made one back in 2013 and let owners print their own with zero profits to me. Tesla had one in 2014, but hasn't done one since.

At the bottom of this page: you can order your own classic Model S calendar (and update it to whatever year you want). Don't order it unchanged or you'll get a 2014 calendar!

You may want to make your own calendar which can be fun. Be sure to use high resolution photos. Most camera phone photos are not all that good. I had permission from the copyright holders to use the Model S photos in my calendar above. If you make one for others, be sure to get permission to use the photos. If the photos come from Tesla, you'll need to get written permission to use those photos too (and from prior experience, it's not easy).

EVRider | November 22, 2017

Marginally related question: has anyone published a Tesla magazine periodical, in either print or digital form? The BMW Car Club of America publishes a nice monthly magazine (Roundel) in both print and digital form, and I could certainly see the appeal of something like that for Tesla. | November 23, 2017

No magazine that I'm aware of. Great idea, but I suspect there isn't enough of an audience (yet). There are tens of millions of BMW owners, and only 250K or so Tesla owners. That said - I'd subscribe to it if a Tesla magazine existed :)