1080p 60fps dash cam,Is it enough to use the 32g card

1080p 60fps dash cam,Is it enough to use the 32g card

Consider going out to play while recording scenery along the way, if fill up after began to write very uncomfortable.

1 minute more than 160 MB, up to 200 minutes, three hours to the top, a time long again, consider more N CARDS

Recorded more than 12 hours to an estimated 128 g card, can machine does not support such a large, back after modification, hang a hard disk directly. I used is to monitor when the vehicle traveling data recorder, 1 t of the hard disk, a record half a month. azdome a305 1080p 60fps dash cam, you can follow the link: | November 30, 2017

Not sure what your question is. With some of the cheaper dashcams without motion detection, you can fill up a card quickly with zero useful video while parked. I'm not aware of any dashcams that connect to a hard drive including the azdome. A 128 GB card is the best right now. You can also extend time by going to a lower resolution and/or frame rate, although that's not very desirable.

At the end of this dashcam report is details on Micro SD cards, video space used and several issues to be aware of specific to SD cards for dashcams:

lilbean | November 30, 2017

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