Climate change is a Chinese Hoax

Climate change is a Chinese Hoax

Bering Sea loses half of its sea ice

MitchP85D | February 23, 2018

So what?

The Surface Mass Balance of Greenland has been above average for the past 2 years.

Weather patterns are different every year Captain Planet. Apparently, you think weather patterns are fixed in nature, until we humans came along and screwed it all up!

Dawn | March 9, 2018

Actually the surface mass of Ice on Greenland has not been above average for the past 2 years. It's fallen every year this century... and it's falling faster each year. Are the facts.

SCCRENDO | March 9, 2018

Thanks Dawn. You tell Climate_change_Denier_Mitch

teslu3 | March 9, 2018

Any gain in surface mass of Greenland has not stopped the relative steady decline in total mass:
There is also the concern that some Greenland mass may be melt water trapped in its ice:
Concern about weather patterns deflects from the more serious climate trends.

SCCRENDO | March 9, 2018

Greenland is losing ice at a rate of over 250 billion tons per year. @Bullshitter_Mitch may claim that the surface ice mass is not decreasing yet there is significant ice loss form calving glaciers. This has been discussed on these fora many times yet he continues to repeat the same BS

Tesla-David | March 10, 2018

Yes, Mitch is an uninformed idiot who resolutely refuses to accept the facts and connect the dots. I generally do not even bother to read his rants because they spew the same tired misinformed facts. I follow Dr. Jason Box, Greenland Glaciologist who has spent more than 20 years studying Greenland ice retreat.

MitchP85D | March 10, 2018

None of you global warming worshippers know what the hell you are yakin' about. Take you silly little nonsensical argument to the Danish Meteorological Institute!

Scroll down to the accumulated Surface Mass Balance. Note that in 2016-2017, there was a tremendous recovery of snow and ice in Greenland that season. 2017-2018 is still running above the 1981-2010 mean.

Go ahead you silly SaSoTs. Call up the DMI. Send them an email. Call them deniers! I'm laughing at all of you!

SCCRENDO | March 10, 2018

@Strawman_Mitch. Yes the surface interior ice is stable but the coastlines are losing. Why do you continue to cherry pick data

Uncle Paul | March 10, 2018

While I believe that human pollution has had it's effect on our climate, I had two conversations that have made me rethink my beliefs.

Spoke to a couple climate scientists in Alaska, doing work on Glaciers. Said that while some glaciers were indeed receding, others were advancing. Said this is normal, as glaciers have a life of their own and are effected by many factors far more powerful than man made pollution. Also said that is not uncommon for one polar cap to be receeding and getting warmer, while the other polar icecap might be getting colder and increasing.

Said it was common in both the pro and anti climate change community to pick those regions that supported their theorys, and dis-regard those that were contrary.

Said that most publications have an agenda. Usually financially, politically or reputation derived.

Caused me to question my beliefs.

RedShift | March 10, 2018



RedShift | March 10, 2018


Please look at this, while you are in this mindset. May cause a change in heart.

SCCRENDO | March 10, 2018

Hey Uncle. I spoke to my gardener while he was cutting down my trees and I asked him what he thought about climate change. Many of us wonder who knows more, my gardener or your friends working on glaciers. Weatherman_Mitch also doesn’t know much about climate change. So we all ask what is your point???

Tesla-David | March 11, 2018

Thanks @RedShift, nothing like real facts that show real changes in Glacier mass balance over time. Too bad that folks like Mitch and Remnant are unwilling to connect the dots and see the reality of AGW/Climate Chaos coming our way without serious action to reduce our carbon emissions. Can't understand why people like them are unwilling to embrace the necessary changes that may fix this problem while we have time. My wife and I live with a very small carbon footprint, and find that it is not a hardship, and others can too.

NoMoPetrol | March 13, 2018

@ SCCRENDO | March 10, 2018

Regarding your rhetorical question, "@Strawman_Mitch. Yes the surface interior ice is stable but the coastlines are losing. Why do you continue to cherry pick data"

Because that's what folks at the Fair and Balanced Network have been doing since the Iraq War was going to pay for itself with increased oil revenues. And people like our resident Strawman have been drinking the Fox KoolAid ever since.

It reminds me of the gag line from years past - "All the news that fits, and we decide what fits"

rxlawdude | March 13, 2018

Anyone find the firing of Tillerson and his replacement being the head of the CIA ironic?

Tesla-David | March 13, 2018

20,0000 Scientists issue Warning to Humanity. Serious warning that must not be ignored.

Tesla-David | March 13, 2018

This statement from the warning: "Human beings and the natural world are on a collision course." It described trends such as the growing hole in the ozone layer, pollution and depletion of freshwater sources, overfishing, deforestation, plummeting wildlife populations, as well as unsustainable rises in greenhouse gas emissions, global temperatures and human population levels."

We have not been good stewards of this planet!

MitchP85D | March 13, 2018

Yep, just git rid of humans. That'll heal the planet! Any of you global warming worshippers willing to step up and practice what you preach??!!!

Oh, not that extreme? How about this. Have any of you sworn off air travel? Think of all of the jet fuel that is burned every day! Oh, will that be too disruptive to your lives? Imagine that!

You think Greenland is melting away? Well, have a look at a visible satellite photo.

Solid snow and ice!

Hey SaSoT Boy1, when snow builds up over Greenland during the centuries, the snow packs into glacial ice. Gravity pulls the glacial ice towards the edges of Greenland where it falls into the Atlantic as ice bergs. This has been going on for ages. The hysteria of you global warming worshippers is a sight to see!

SCCRENDO | March 13, 2018

@Climate_Science-Denier_Mitch. We do not need to get rid of all humans. Just the climate change deniers. I understand math is not your strong point and we understand that glaciers get pulled to the edge of Greenland. But with climate change that is the ice that is being lost and overall putting Greenland into negative balance. You tend to ignore this and look and the surface ice mass

Tesla-David | March 13, 2018

Hey Mitch, My wife and I have been doing our bit for more than five years, how about you? I agree with @SCCRENDO, people like you who deny the science/facts should do humanity a favor and OFF yourselves. Your worthless rants about Greenland Ice are unbelievable and factually false. I get my facts from real scientists like Dr. Jason Box, not from so-called weathermen.

rxlawdude | March 13, 2018

Now, @SCC and @Tesla-David, you are stooping to their level of hatemongering. There's enough of that without our side wading into that cesspool.

MitchP85D | March 13, 2018

Hey Tessie-Davey, I own a Tesla! Daaayyeeeeeeeee! That is my response to, "how about you?" Goofy liberal!

Hey NoMoGas, I was a Ron Paul supporter. So, what kind of silly comment are you trying to make about the Iraq War??!!!

Hey SaSoT Boy1, glacial ice gets pulled by gravity to the edges of Greenland and to the Atlantic Ocean. Water evaporates from the ocean and falls as snow over Greenland. When the snow-packed glacial ice becomes a surplus, out to the ocean it goes! This process has been going on for millions of years. You goofy global warming worshippers think this is some kind of new phenomena because we humans have screwed it all up!

Thank you Hellasmarter dude. At least I know you don't want me dead!

rxlawdude | March 13, 2018

No, I like the comic relief you supply.

RedShift | March 13, 2018

He is off his rocker today, even by his own standards. Did you see how reacted when called out on his own supplied link in the ‘Houston was warned..’ thread?

SCCRENDO | March 13, 2018

@Climate-Change_Denier_Mitch. However because of the warming oceans that melt is accelerating.

docdac | March 14, 2018

‘ The greatest threat to knowledge is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge ‘
Stephen Hawking

Tesla-David | March 14, 2018

@docdac, Thanks, Amen to that RIP Stephen Hawking, great mind and scientist!

science-isbetter | March 14, 2018

We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible," Hawking told BBC News. "Trump's action could push the Earth over the brink..."

So much respect for Professor Hawking. A live well-lived.

But Mitch is smarter.

Tesla-David | March 14, 2018

It is telling that Stephen Hawking's final warning before his death was about action on Climate Change.

SCCRENDO | March 14, 2018

A tribute to a great scientist Stephen Hawking. He will be sorely missed.
@Weatherman_Mitch and Brai_Remnant. he is the scientist to follow and not the clowns on "Whatsupwiththat" etc.

rvdooley | March 20, 2018

Whether of not you are a climate change believer or not, there are some concrete, undeniable reasons to work towards reductions in dangerous emissions. 1. No one can deny that there is only so much fossil fuel that can be sucked out of the planet and we are getting better at extracting it. That being said, Is it necessary to burn it all up as quickly as possible? There are a lot of things that are difficult to do without fossil fuels but motoring around on 2 or 4 or 18 wheels isn't one of them. 2. As a young Marine I first moved to LA in the mid 70's and I remember how bad the visibility was never mind how bad the air was! Do we really want to head back in that direction? 3. Despite what we hear, there is no such thing as clean Coal and the health problems of those who live near any coal fired plant is proof of that. I think that the day may come when energy can be extracted from coal without the toxic side effects but that is not today! Let the stuff rest for now! I am sorry about lost jobs but there was no outrage when paperboys, flight engineers, milk men, factory workers, blacksmiths, navigators, gandy dancers, telephone operators, paper map makers, gas station attendants, telegraph operators, pay phone manufacturers, the Pony Express, and typewriter repair men have succumbed to 'progress'. It may not all be good but it is here to stay and members of some huge professions should be reading the tea leaves if they want to make it out alive!