Why the Tesla hate?

Why the Tesla hate?

A man attacked a MX with an axe yesterday in Santa Barbara, CA. He told police after arrest that he did it because he hated Teslas.

Jaguar finally got around to unveiling its iPace this past week and it looks pretty good. Welcome to the party, Jag, finally. What frosts my behind is how the automotive press is behaving, and I don't mean the Seeking Alpha curmudgeons. They're comparing the iPace to the MX. Frankly, a comparison to the as yet unveiled MY would be more apt because the iPace is considerably smaller than the MX. They say the iPace drive well; I'm sure it does. It's also danged expensive, or looks to be given Jaguar hasn't released a real price list yet but they say the entry price will be around $70,000. I saw one article where the writer crowed you could buy two iPaces for the price of one Tesla P100D. Well, duh, talk about apples and oranges.

I've watched the press hammer Tesla for not getting the M3 up to 5,000 units per week. Well, where are we? By the end of this month production should be around 2,500 per week hitting the 5,000 mark by June. What did Musk say early on when they opened the door to reservations? He thought they'd hit 5,000 per week by the end of the past quarter. As it stands, it looks like Tesla is going to be six months late or thereabouts. The press, including stalwarts like CNBC and Forbes have been crucifying Tesla over this.

After all this time, haven't they learned to speak Musk yet? Take the date the every optimistic Musk gives you, add 6-12 months and then you have when it will happen. Is six months really all that terrible? For people holding reservations, sure. But is it the end of the world? No, it's not. It's just Musk being Musk like Jobs was Jobs.

Say Elon had give a less rosy projection and predicted results closer to the now real timeline. Would that have helped? I doubt it. The stories would be about how Tesla is having design problems on the never to be seen M3 is my guess. Tesla would still be getting hammered.

Take this into account. Tesla has so many orders, and not just for the M3, they're having trouble meeting demand. Folks with M3 reservations are not dropping out in droves. They appear to be waiting. Meanwhile, just about every other ICE maker experienced big sales declines in February while Tesla's are projected to be way up.

They harp on Tesla Energy. All they've done is to build a factory in Buffalo, NY, the deindustrialized North, that will churn out solar arrays and new fangled solar shingles that will shut up every stick up the keister HOA in America. What do we hear there? Tesla can't get stuff out the door when they actually are starting to ramp up. This new factory is employing thousands of people adding jobs to a product designed and made in America. Meanwhile, the press scoffs even criticizing Tesla's brilliant move to open booths in Costco, some retail outlet like that.

The entire world watched as Space X's boosters floated to earth and landed right where they were supposed to after launching Musk's Roadster into space. He was criticized for that too, btw. What was he supposed to send up on a test flight, 100 crates of bananas? I thought the Roadster with a dummy astronaut was cool.

Tesla's Energy division also came through like champs to stabilize Australia's power grid and is working beautifully using industrial size Tesla batteries. Tesla went down to Puerto Rico and installed solar arrays with batteries to get 1 or more hospitals back on line after the hurricane hit while power was still out for most of the island.

The Boring Company is getting permits and is succeeding at coming up with an amazing way to cut the cost of tunneling. The hyper loop is no longer a pipe dream. I saw a car designed by another company the other day to carry passengers. They've already achieved 387 mph on the test track heading toward 750 mph.

Here you have an upstart company that singlehandedly is forcing the auto industry to finally leave the stone age behind. Space X is creating excitement not seen around the space program since the early 1980s. Tesla Energy is innovating like crazy with governments all over the place lining up to buy the systems. Tesla is even participating in a project in Australia that will turn 50,000 homes into a virtual power station reducing electricity prices. This company employs 33,000+ people and it's growing.

Here we have an American company that is not out sourcing, that makes amazing cars that btw helps fight climate change, and is reinventing the way we get power in our homes, and on the side is showing us science fiction stuff we haven't seen in decades in space.

What do they get? Constant, unwavering criticism for every freaking flaw, especially missed deadlines.

Hey straight press, get over it. Musk is going to be off 6-12 months because he's optimistic. That's just what happens. What's important is that it happens.

That's not to say Tesla is flawless, but tell me another company that has so consistently come up with so many jaw dropping innovations other than Apple in the first decade after Jobs returned from exile? I can't think of one. Some incremental change in a noisy, dirty ICE engine doesn't cut it. I get it that Tesla/Musk are rattling some big cages with what they're doing, but as a people we used to celebrate this stuff. Isn't the motto of capitalism "creative destruction?" Our grandparents went gaga over those new fangled airplanes in the 1930s that were cutting days off a coast to coast train trip. All it appears Tesla gets is guff and more guff, including MX axe murderers.

I don't get it.

Maxxer | March 3, 2018

If all someone did with their whole life was get a team together to land a rocket vertically after putting something into orbit for the first time in human history, that would be enough to amaze me.
Now running the only successful new car company since Chrysler
Head of the boring tunneling company
Most people just work hum drum jobs for decades and try to keep their garden free of weeds.

Haters need to STFU, really.

Earl and Nagin ... | March 3, 2018

The haters continue to shout. They've been doing so since the early 1990s (read "The Car That Could" my Michael Shnayerson or watch the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car").
You sound like a newcomer to Tesla and EVs and that's a great thing. After all, despite all of the shouting and misinformation promulgated by haters, millions of newcomers like you, worldwide, keep 'getting it' and getting on board all the time.
The haters will go the way of the dinosaur.

Tesla-David | March 3, 2018

@@dmm1240, great post, I think they are envious of EM and Tesla-Energy because they know they are right and winning the battle against ICE and climate change deniers with their positive actions in Australia, Puerto Rico, etc. EM has always been overly optimistic on timelines, but has always delivered on quality products. I love what they are doing and all the people who are standing in line to get the truly revolutionary M3 know that this is a vehicle worth waiting for. We are one month into M3 ownership, and five year MS ownership, with PW2 installation on the way soon, I couldn't be happier with Tesla.

johnyi | March 4, 2018

Agreed - great post. I wasn't aware of the Tesla Energy factory in NY - cool stuff. Yes you would think the "make America great again" crowd would be lining up behind EM for, well, making America great again, at least in their terms of creating good paying American manufacturing jobs, but not a peep. The press is another story - I can't figure out what their beef is other than EM is overly optimistic about timelines. But he always seems to deliver eventually, and still ahead of anyone else. | March 4, 2018

@dmm1240 - Great post!

What's interesting is how all these "Tesla Killer" virtual cars get so much press. Almost every EV announced has highly inflated range numbers - using the crazy European standards (without saying so). Or that planned "electric" car turns out to be a one KW battery/ICE hybrid. I actually want more EVs and I'm fine with real competitors. There is plenty of market opportunities for everyone and every EV sold helps kill another ICE car. I can only guess that changing the status quo scares some people, when they really should be rejoicing these changes.

Tropopause | March 4, 2018

Go Tesla!

Mike83 | March 5, 2018

Bravo Tesla.

Tesla-David | March 6, 2018

Ditto, Tesla rocks!

carlk | March 8, 2018

A lot hatreds came from people with financial stacks in either their career or their investments. A lot of are from people who are afraid of new things that they think will disrupt the life they are comfortable with. And it becomes fashionable for some media, and few on this forum, to criticize Tesla just to please those audiences and to show how insightful they are. Here is a quote to describe this situation I really like.

"Don't be distracted by criticism. Remember--the only taste of success some people get is to take a bite out of you."

Never mind those bashers Tesla. Just continue to do what you do best. They will eventually see the light or they will continue to be the loser.

SamO | March 8, 2018

I'll just repost one of my favorite Upton Sinclair quotes: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

GunnerD | March 20, 2018

I am honored to be a part of this movement as I am sure that all of you are. While the rest of the country seems to squabble over scraps of mediocrity, we are part of the mindset that is responsible for the spectacular simultaneous landings of the Falcon Heavy side boosters last month. These are events that invoke feelings of awe, wonder and respect all from a group of profoundly and absolutely American innovators and thinkers led by a first generation immigrant. Most of us paid more for our cars than we would have liked and I suspect that many of us wouldn't buy the opulent barges that competitors offer in this price range. What we get however is more than a car. We get membership in a community of believers in a brighter future based on innovation, optimism, inclusion and an eagerness to know what comes next. Anybody heard of the Dragon crew...... Now, excuse me while I get started on my wonderful drive wife was home sick today so I got to take the Tesla!

austintravis16 | May 1, 2018

A bit late to this, but just wanted to say great post!!