Tech package with autopilot vs. autopilot convenience features, whats the difference?

Tech package with autopilot vs. autopilot convenience features, whats the difference?

whats the difference? thank you

PhillyGal | March 3, 2018

Hmm, the old "tech package" was replaced by "auto pilot" in the fall of 2014, so I don't know what "tech package with autopilot" means. Someone else just posted about buying a CPO with that description as well.

Are you looking at a car being sold by a third party that is describing it that way? Does it have a VIN number you can post here? Just the first 2 of the last 6 digits would be fine (eg: 60XXX) We may be able to help give some better insight that way.

dj-tesla | March 3, 2018
MelaniaFromBrentwood | March 3, 2018

“AutoPilot” Means is had the hardware for AutoPilot but it wasn’t activated.

“AutoPilot with convenience features” refers to the fact that the autopilot SOFTWARE/functionality has been activated.

In lay terms it just says “it has AutoPilot.”

Price is a tad high. We got a 2017 Refreshed S60 (really a 75 battery!) with AP2 brand NEW for $56k after $7500 federal and $2500 state credits. Back then, base price was $66,000.

dj-tesla | March 3, 2018



you got a deal there!

MelaniaFromBrentwood | March 4, 2018

Yeah — and forgot to add the $1000 referral discount ($55k car!) and free supercharging transferable to other owners as well!

EVRider | March 4, 2018

From what I recall, “tech package with Autopilot” was an older version of the “Autopilot convenience package”, but both had Autopilot enabled. I would verify this with the seller before making a decision.

RandallKeith | March 4, 2018

Tech package and autopilot are separate and you can have one without the other. I have a October 14 without tech package and auto pilot hardware. I ordered the car without tech package and auto pilot was a surprise gift. All cars built after a certain time in October 14 came with autopilot hardware regardless of how the car was ordered. However to use the auto pilot you have to enable the software. This can be done at anytime for I think $3000. Of course Tesla can do that on a CPO to make it more attractive.

Haggy | March 4, 2018

Tech package with autopilot was the same as the earlier tech package with three differences. Fog lamps were added. The price increased by the amount of the former price for the fog lamp option. Autopilot software was bundled in.

At the time, there was no separate way of buying autopilot. If you bought the tech package after autopilot was announced, it came with autopilot.

There were some cars made with autopilot hardware prior to autopilot being announced, so there was a brief period when people bought a car before autopilot existed, by the time the car was made, the hardware was there, but the car lacked autopilot. For those customers, Tesla added autopilot for free if the customer had ordered fog lamps. Otherwise they charged customers for the fog lamps, didn't give them the fog lamps, but enabled autopilot. So it's theoretically possible that there are some cars with the tech package, with autopilot hardware, and without autopilot. But the upgrade would be cheap.

Eventually the tech package features became standard and autopilot became a paid option.

RandallKeith | March 4, 2018

Tesla did provide free 30 day trials after the software was available. I thought it was a joke. Personally I have no use for it. But to each his own.

dj-tesla | March 4, 2018

can someone look at the link I posted? is it a good buy? thank you

PhillyGal | March 4, 2018

@Fergie - Okay I see now. It's definitely AP1 hardware, with the AP software activated. The price does seem a tad high since it has no leather seats or pano roof - two pretty common options. Tesla has a specific formula for calculating price, but I feel like I've seen better deals out there.

However I still stand by my saying that a late 2014 Model S with AP hardware/software is a fantastic car. We've had only very minor issues (like door handle minor) and the car is been extremely reliable on long road trips.

dj-tesla | March 4, 2018

@PhillyGal thank you, I will keep an eye for a better deal then since at least I have a price point to look at.

brooke | May 31, 2019

How can you tell if it's AP1 vs. AP2 compatible? I'm currently buying a used S and went for a lower battery range than my original choice because the sales person said it IS 2nd gen autopilot hardware so I can enable full self-driving if/when it becomes legal. I figured that was a better feature than the AP1 in case of future resale. What do you think? THe one I'm getting is 54k. Doesn't have upgraded sound and has a 75 battery but I don't drive long distances often.

EVRider | May 31, 2019

@brooke: Regarding your AP1 vs. AP2 question, AP2 was introduced around October 2016 — when was the used S made? The listing should also say something about EAP if the car has AP2 hardware. | May 31, 2019

I made a table of all the AP different versions/features that may help, along with the dates of hardware releases:

p.c.mcavoy | June 1, 2019

@brooke - several easy visual ways to confirm AP2.

One is to get photos of the side marker lights behind the front fenders. If they are flat, the AP1. If they are somewhat pyramidal in shape, with a visible camera lens in the rear half looking rearward, then it’s AP2.

Next is the side B-pillar behind the front window. There will be an oval shaped feature which is a camera that looks forward to the side.

Third is to get a picture of the top of the windshield right above the rear view mirror. If you can visually see 3 camera lenses, then it is AP2. AP1 only has 1, although may look like 2 as there is a rain sensor.