The Call from Nevada

The Call from Nevada

Got a call from Tesla in Nevada yesterday. As soon as I saw the number my hopes were up that it was to schedule my delivery. Instead, the polite woman on the phone told me that my Model 3 was completed in production and would be making its way to me in FL. No date, no firm timeline. Instead, she confirmed my order details and activated my ability to apply for financing (which I’m waiting on for a bit as I investigate the best options). She said the best estimate was that I would get delivery in the last week of March or first week of April.

I was surprised because most of what I have read suggested that you get the call to schedule a date, not a courtesy call first. Is that accurate for others?

Any chance my car arrives sooner?

Any risk to not filing my credit application right away?


TheOx | March 9, 2018

Great chance your car arrives sooner. Probably be able to pick it up in two weeks. In case your VIN hasn't appeared yet, she's able to give it to you. Hope you got her name and phone number. Very useful contact for the next couple of weeks. Call her in about a week for a better (accurate to within a day or two) delivery estimate. And, anyone else receiving the long-awaited call, be sure to do the same. Enjoy your soon to be delivered Model 3!

burdogg | March 9, 2018

This is normal - From personal experience and other reports before I went through it. They call to make sure everything is correct so paperwork can be drawn up correctly. Then you can apply for financing and get that duck in a row.

When they did their first call, she could look and see that it was planned to be transported and should arrive Friday (this was Monday) But couldn't confirm delivery date. Called again on Wed, and informed it would be ready Tues, but couldn't schedule a delivery time until I had the financing in place. Got that in place and scheduled my delivery date.

cquail | March 10, 2018

I got my call from Las Vegas on March 8. Estimate is last week of March for delivery in St. Louis. Almost did not answer the call as I did not recognize 725 area code. Got my 81XX VIN on March 5th.

coreyod | March 10, 2018

I didn’t get her name as I was out and about and she said she would send an email (but did not). Hopefully my research into the best rates before filling out there credit app isn’t delaying my delivery.

Tesla2018 | March 10, 2018

I dont think it would delay delivery. It probably takes a day or two for them to do dealer prep on the car anyway. In the event your financing fell through they would probably call the next person in line at your location who had the same configuration and ask if they wanted the car and tell them the VIN right away and have them pick up the car a few days later. They want to sell and get rid of the cars and get the money in as soon as possible instead of having to keep it at the factory and redo their shipping plans by sending it somewhere else.

Goodman.Larry | March 10, 2018

Got an email Friday evening. Didn’t see it until 8pm (east coast). Called back but he was gone. He emailed me 30 minutes ago. He doesn’t work weekends. Says he’ll call Monday. Wonder if any coordinators work weekends?

To sooth my nerves I stopped by the nearest service center while running errands this morning and there it was, same color, same wheels, different VIN.

danchoi | March 10, 2018

I missed this call last Friday 3/2, more than a week ago. I didn't know my voicemail box was full. I tried calling in on 3/7, but no luck reaching my advisor Mina. She hasn't called back. Configured on 2/15, invite on 2/14, among the last of the owner invites in Orange county, CA. No VIN yet. Is something wrong at this point? Even non-owners are getting vin's and deliveries, growing antsy...

badaman | March 10, 2018

@danchoi - Same here, configured 2/14 and still no VIN in Socal area.

coreyod | March 20, 2018

Tesla is clearly playing some games with delivery or something is happening with the cars. I got another call, this time saying that my car had completed production and I had a VIN (even though that happened over 2 weeks ago). Girl was clearly confused. She again said car was making its way to me in FL, no specific date but probably the first week of April. I got agitated and she said she was looking at the wrong notes, but still no delivery date. Either they are refusing to deliver before April in order to extend the tax credits but don't want to admit that, or there is something fishy with my car.

jargenta | March 20, 2018

@corey, it certainly seems like they have been diverting most/all of their resources to delivering vehicles by quarter's end. This likely means a high majority of deliveries until 3/31 will be in California. East Coasters like us will likely begin getting attention again the first two weeks of April.

olsonfamily5 | March 20, 2018

I just got my call, scheduled delivery for April 1. Confirmed it wasn't elaborate April fool's day prank by my son. Fingers crossed. Configured 2/28, VIN on 3/17.

coreyod | March 20, 2018

@jargenta don't know how it would affect resources since my VIN was assigned around 3/8.

coreyod | March 20, 2018

Went ahead and completed my credit application and accepted the terms offered. We'll see if that allows them to give me a DATE.

sabentz | March 21, 2018

Configured 2/15 MSM with 18's got vin today 3/21, got the call from ISA in Las Vegas, credit application opened up on my tesla account completed and approved same day 3/21. Just waiting for the delivery date. ISA indicated would try and complete by month end plan is to deliver in Marina Del Rey

Wennfred | March 27, 2020

I got a Text & a call today from Tesla Las Vegas, no vin # or delivery date yet. On the call they wanted to know if there would be any delays once the car is ready for delivery. I told them it’s all a go on my end and that was it’s. So maybe I will get a date in 2 weeks. Blue AWD LR not Performance and not FSD with 19” Gemini wheels.