Window tinting

Window tinting

Living in FL, temperature in the car reaches 105 degrees in no time. All my cars have windows tinted, and it works. Contacted shop to have my Model S done and was told I have to have ceramic window film, otherwise interference with the cars electronics will be a problem. Does anyone have any experience with the type of window film required? Thanks

jordanrichard | March 18, 2018

BS!!! Sounds like they are trying to hit you with the “Tesla tax”

uwe.vieille | March 18, 2018

Thanks, was afraid of that.

Bill_75D | March 18, 2018

Ceramic window film will reject much more heat than cheaper window film. It is certainly worth the extra cost here in Arizona.

revrev4ruach | March 18, 2018

Agree with Bill_75D.

Nano ceramic film installed by a reputable shop is worth the extra cost in Houston, too.

jordanrichard | March 18, 2018

Ask the shop just how exactly ordinary tint will affect the car’s electronics which are already buried, meaning hidden from the sun, in the dash and other hidden parts of the car.

trevorrichards4 | March 18, 2018

Yes that is BS I’ve had my S & 3 tinted with 3m no problem.

mmw03 | March 18, 2018

Some cars have antennas in the windshield and rear window and metallic tints can interfere with these signals.

pcyr | March 18, 2018

Any recommendations for a good shop in Phoenix area? Thanks.

Bill_75D | March 18, 2018

Cactus Window Tint in Scottsdale. They do superb work. Not the cheapest, but one of the best.