Model 3 Owners Manual

Model 3 Owners Manual

Does anyone have a link to a PDF copy of the most recent version of the Model 3 manual? I would like to familiarize myself with the car before taking delivery. Thanks!

Yodrak. | March 23, 2018

Mr. Google can set you up with that.

LOWTECK53 | April 27, 2018

I just posted this exact question "how do I get a manual now before my model 3 is delivered"
Sure there might be minor updates but It would be nice to browse the manual just to see the features the car has!
I'd also like to be able to put my RN # in a box and get a better idea of when I will be asked to configure my order

jefjes | April 27, 2018

I downloaded the link from Carl Thompson and the back cover (last page) says Published April 2018. Not sure how his post that's dated March 23, 2018 has a manual published in April but seems like it would be the most current information.

M3forMe | April 27, 2018

@jefies - that is the direct link to the manual on Tesla website so should have the latest info

wiboater4 | May 1, 2018


alphacompton | May 1, 2018

I've been skimming it, it's pretty cool. I see they have the latest updates like the scroll wheel for (Autopilot) cruise control speed. I also saw a new feature I had never heard of before for Autopilot. It was called something like Lane overtake acceleration and I believe it is the reason another poster here said they held the turn signal down and let go and got a jarring experience. The feature as stated in the manual will allow you to be in autopilot with autosteer on and if the person in front of you in driving slower than 1. Your set speed or 2. Posted speed limit from GPS data, then you can hold down the turn signal to the left (in the US) to go to overtake lane and the car will automatically accelerate while merging into the overtake lane and will allow autopilot to go closer than your currently set follow distance in order to achieve this. According to the manual, if you let go early the car will assume you mean to cancel overtaking due to a circumstance like a speeding car coming up in the new lane and will thrust you back into your original lane so you don't hit the car or the car doesn't hit you.

It sounds pretty cool, this makes a lot of sense to me about the whole "Enhanced autopilot" moniker as this is a sort of button that allows you to overtake where "Enhanced Autopilot" will automatically overtake in the future without you holding the turn signal stalk. I'd even go as far to say the car might be learning in shadow mode when you do use this feature in order to learn the appropriate times to overtake.

I skimmed the manual because in another post I debated if "Summon" was really coming to the Model 3 and someone said it was already in the manual and indeed coming , unfortunately I didn't see it but have yet to thoroughly search it.

EVRider | May 1, 2018

Summon isn’t mentioned in the latest manual, but it is coming.

wiboater4 | May 10, 2018


jsanford | May 10, 2018

Anyone know how to get your spouse to read the manual before delivery?
Mine refuses to do so until after we have the car.

Then again, it might be fun to see if they figure out how to get out of the car...

wiboater4 | May 11, 2018

I read the manuals to kind of pass the time while waiting for something. It makes it better because once you get it you want to use it right away and don't want to waste time finding out how to do everything. Plus there might be some important things about safety you should know . Just tell her to read a little at a time . Maybe print it out for her?

EVRider | May 11, 2018

No need to print the manual (165 pages). I have PDF versions on both my computer and iPad, which are just as easy to read as hard copy (and you can search). I do the same with my Model S manuals, and I never look at the version on the touchscreen (although that one should be the most up to date version).

cneilg | May 23, 2019

at my age I only read my local paper when it gets 3 inches deep. Mostly for the obituaries, since I'm 86 years old. I am educated well beyond my intelligence. But as a lawyer I have a compulsion to read even the small bring but I don't,.I just bought a fully loaded Tesla model 3 and would like to peruse it before I go blind. Myattraction to Tesla was the fact the automatic drive mode will take me where I need to go. thanks. Neil at cneilg@atlnet

Neomaxizoomdweebie | May 23, 2019

Welcome to the future, sir! Enjoy your new car. Treat your autopilot for what it is, an enhanced form of cruise control. This car isn’t a robot chauffeur just yet. I can’t wait for the day that it can drive me to work or drive me home from the bar!

apodbdrs | May 23, 2019

Go to the link below, once in scroll down below the list and click to the link "single web page"; it provides TELSA's do it yourself (DIY) maintenance guide. Very help in saving a trip to the Service Center.

jeffshops1 | August 20, 2019

I would guess the answer is no , but is there a way to order a paper copy of the manual? Reading a document of this type is really inconvenient, extremely hard on the eyes and aggravates carpal tunnel syndrome. Just scrolling through bits of it in the car, I found some very important things which I never would have known and found them by accident. There is no way I'm going to read a nearly 200 page document on the screen and really don't feel like printing something which should be available when you purchase the car.

leo33 | August 21, 2019

In addition to the electronic copy of the manual available on the car's display, a pdf of the manual is in your Tesla account. After you log in, click on 'MANAGE', 'View Details', and then 'Owners Manual'. If you really need a printed version, you can take that pdf file to a print shop and pay to have it printed and bound. But be aware that that printed version will be out of date in a few months.

If Tesla distributed a printed version of the manual with the car, firmware updates that improve the car would quickly make the distributed manual obsolete, so I think they made the right choice.

syclone | August 21, 2019

I wait for the on-line manual to "print" its latest update - then print it out, two sided, on my laser printer. I take the printed manual to the local Fedex shop and have them bind it in a very nice ring binder. I also,usually, print the cover in color. Total cost, not including the paper 6 bucks. Very handy!

derotam | August 21, 2019

sysclone, do you read it every night before you go to bed and keep it under your pillow too? haha. You must get SUPER excited when a new version comes out too!

syclone | August 21, 2019

I run classes (Tesla 101) at a local college and give a lot of "pop quizzes". The course is a prerequisite for Tesla whining 101. We were going to open a course in California, but there was a disagreement over the name of the course. They wanted to name it Tesla 405, but got totally stuck trying to make a decision.

SalisburySam | August 21, 2019

Interesting how things have changed. My 1964 T-Bird has its original owners manual, about 40 pages and ¼” thick on coated paper. My 2012 LEAF came with 3-½” of manuals and a Velcro strapping to contain it all. My 2014 Toyota Venza had a similar stack of printed materials. My 2018 Model 3...a link to an online *.pdf.

I too prefer a printed copy but I’m OK with a *.pdf version I can get to and read; I did print out a copy just before taking delivery that I read cover-to-cover a couple of times. Now, I just try to hit the changes. Anything specific I need (how do I put this in Neutral again?) I can easily get from the in-car version.

EVRider | August 21, 2019

My wife’s last BMW i3 didn’t have either a printed manual or a PDF. There was a version on the car’s screen, and a mobile app you could use to view the manual on a tablet or phone. I much prefer the PDF version, which I can look at anywhere (and search, unlike a printed copy).

jd4714 | August 21, 2019

I took delivery October 2018 and there was a printed manual in the glove box. I have never opened it as I use the updated electronic version. I guess they stopped including the printed manual at some point as it gets dated quickly, makes sense.

derotam | August 21, 2019


fbasciano | October 19, 2019

I am unsure about the setup for Operating Navigate on Autopilot . I have been slowly trying out the various driver assist features with success and with exception of navigate on autopilot am quite pleased how everything works. The forums are very helpful, with a wealth of information about how each function reacts to the reality of driving.

It does not seem to engage and I cannot get the guidance screen showing the wide blue line down the middle of the lane. In addition the button electing chimes or steering wheel vibration upon lane change is greyed out and cannot be selected while the other choices are quite selectable.

It must be one selection from the motherload, but can’t find it.

Can anyone lead me forward on this one?

EVRider | October 20, 2019

@fbasciano: It’s a bit ironic that you’re asking this question in a thread about the Model 3 owner’s manual. Did you look there? There are also videos on Tesla’s support page that might help.

vikingm | October 29, 2019

owner's manual for model 3

Rpina | October 29, 2019

How can I adjust the clock? I am in mexico and since the winter time came still having the old one