Subsidized Flood insurance and denying Climate disruption

Subsidized Flood insurance and denying Climate disruption

NoMoPetrol | April 21, 2018

Great quote by Philip Dick!

SCCRENDO | April 21, 2018

The weathermoron was so pleased that he collected FEMA welfare cheese and denies living in a flood zone. He doesn’t realize what will happen to his resale value. He also had mould which I don’t think he wants to disclose. Cannot wait for him to see this thread.

Mike83 | April 22, 2018

Happy Earth Day. The world moves ahead in making the environment a better place. The truth always wins.

Tesla-David | April 22, 2018

Yes, Happy Earth Day, my wife and I will be marching in Everett, WA this afternoon.

Tesla-David | April 22, 2018

This Nova documentary linked below is worth watching. Our weathermoron could learn a thing or two, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Mike83 | April 24, 2018

Although some prefer ignorance to truth

Tesla-David | April 24, 2018

We had a disappointing turnout for Earth Day March in Everett, WA, only about 30 people showed up. Last year we had 300+. People don't seem to care about honoring Mother Earth even one day a year. Very sad and pathetic. The theme and focus this year was single use plastic, which is destroying our planet.

Mike83 | April 24, 2018

homo sapiens have only inhabited the earth for a short time and has managed to destroy the environment. The dodo bird may have lived longer but not sure. I can't blame the dodo for it's extinction but mankind seems like a dumber species.

MitchP85D | April 24, 2018

Hey Tessie-Davy, I did indeed watch the NOVA documentary. I dare you to take a look at 2:15 to find out who the main sponsor of the program was!

Oh yes, his name was front and center at the end of the program as well.

I'm laughing at you global warming worshippers!

MitchP85D | April 24, 2018

Goebbels Apprentice keeps spouting off the same lie over and over again, pleading with all of humanity to believe him!

Tesla-David | April 24, 2018

So what is your point weathermoron, even the Koch brothers fund PBS/Nova. Thanks God they aren't allowed to control the content. The content is what matters, and you obviously did not listen or watch, because if you did you wouldn't keep sputtering your stupid factless noise. FYI we don't worship global warming, we just report the facts which you ignore. Your grandchildren will pay for your stupidity, you IDIOT!

MitchP85D | April 24, 2018

Tessie-Davy = raw emotion = null set

SCCRENDO | April 24, 2018

@weathermoron. We are all just pointing out facts. You are such an idiot that you neither understand climate change nor do you understand the attitudes of people like us who are concerned about climate change.
This is not a religion or a game. We are intelligent concerned people who understand the consequences of climate change and are concerned for the welfare of the planet and the future of our grandchildren. Unfortunately people like you and your Brain-Remnant buddy do not understand the science.and have the mentality of mentally challenged children. As with mentally challenged children you lack the scientific knowledge and understanding and the temperament to have a civil discussion. So you resort to strawman arguments, false attributions of our facts and state of mind. You also throw tantrums with name calling and subject changing. Most of us here are very tolerant of mentally challenged children. But I guess at some point even our patience wears thin.

Mike83 | April 30, 2018

So Big investors moving in the right direction as investors want to make money not lose it . Will Trump bankrupt the US paying for Climate Change damages. If Moodys downgrades the US it shouldn't be a surprise.

SamO | April 30, 2018

Climate delusion, not a climate denier.

MitchP85D | May 1, 2018

What is truly amazing is to see how much vitriol you SaSoTs have for the likes of Remnant and myself. You think your battle is against us. But the reality of the situation is that you are battling against America! Americans love to have choices in life. They love to drive their cars, trucks, SUVs, and in my case, motorcycles. They also like to have choices for what kind of energy to buy. Some of my out-of-state co-workers are amazed at the number of electricity plans we have in Texas to choose from. If you want a green energy plan, we have that in Texas! But unlike California, in Texas, we allow you to choose the plan. Not force it on you!

Mike83 | May 1, 2018

Take away the fossil fuel subsidies that Texas benefits from that the American Taxpayer pays and the defense budget to keep oil coming in from the Saudis and such. Let gas go to $15/gallon and then we'll have true capitalism and not welfare to the embedded industry. And the environmental damages that burning fossil fuel creates should be part of the cost so gas should be $35/gallon.

Mike83 | May 1, 2018

If we keep this up America will hit a much bigger Depression when the next down cycle comes.

MitchP85D | May 1, 2018

Guess what ozone hole mike? We don't need Saudi Arabia anymore! Canada is where we import most of our oil. Check it out!

SCCRENDO | May 1, 2018

We need to decrease all sources of oil including Canada.

Tesla-David | May 1, 2018

I am with @Mike83, gas should be $35/gallon to truly reflect the externalities that impact the environment (air, water, land). The fossil fuel industries have just passed those onto the taxpayers, when they should be forced to pick up the tab.

NoMoPetrol | May 2, 2018

A review for MitchP85:

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." - Philip Dick (from the OP's linked article)

NoMoPetrol | May 2, 2018

Actually, in MitchP85's case the quote should be paraphrased to read, "Reality is that which, even if you never believed in it, doesn't go away."

Remnant | May 2, 2018

@Tesla-David (April 24, 2018)

<< We had a disappointing turnout for Earth Day March in Everett, WA, only about 30 people showed up. ... People don't seem to care about honoring Mother Earth even one day a year. Very sad and pathetic. The theme and focus this year was single use plastic, ... >>

Apparently, "people" are smarter than you two, which is why they put Trump in the WH, rather than the sickly and vain female head of the criminal HRC cartel.

Just REMEMBER that "It's Economics, Stupid ... !!"

Incidentally, the MARKET you despise is producing options based on free-trade rather than boycotts, punitive taxation, or wasteful and infantilizing regulations.

Check this link for plastic-eating bacteria:

SCCRENDO | May 2, 2018

@Remnant. No not smarter. Ignorant and complacent. Also the market now seems stuck in neutral. And finally. What is your point about plastic eating bacteria if you have one

Mike83 | May 3, 2018
As the article states, great returns unless the property is underwater.
Maybe the caveman can develop gills like in WaterWorld.

MitchP85D | May 3, 2018

I don't think I will flood again at my home. Horsepen Creek (the one that flooded my house) is being dredged and the Addicks Reservoir is expanding to hold more water. My wife told me that if we flood again, we're moving! We are only going to stay here for another 5 years anyway. But I sure as hell will continue to pay my flood insurance premium while living here!

MitchP85D | May 3, 2018

Hey NoMoGas, go hang out with Mike in his ozone hole!

SCCRENDO | May 3, 2018

Hopefully they expand the Addicks enough that you don't flood with increased climate change hurricanes.

Tesla-David | May 5, 2018

@Brain-Remnant, I am all to aware of plastic pollution of our biosphere, especially our oceans, which you are obviously ignorant on in the extreme. I would recommend a great documentary to give you some understanding about the enormity of the problem "A Plastic Ocean" The Ocean garbage patch is where much of the plastic is concentrated FYI (ocean garbage patch pictures).

Tesla-David | May 5, 2018
MitchP85D | May 6, 2018

Well Captain Planet, I hope I don't flood again either! One flood in my lifetime is more than enough!

Mike83 | May 9, 2018

Flooding is just beginning no matter how many adolescent names your discover.

dmm1240 | May 13, 2018


SCCRENDO | May 13, 2018

Hey weathermoron. If CO2 levels continue to increase your odds of flooding increases

dmm1240 | May 13, 2018


Mike83 | July 19, 2018

Isn't it great? Fossil Fuel companies making record profits, getting free land to drill and ocean areas(who cares about tourists?), tax benefits of billions in the bank and they control Congress, Executive branch and the Supreme court.
I guess the balance of power is a joke.

Mike83 | July 26, 2018

Welfare for fossil fuel burning collateral damages.

SCCRENDO | July 26, 2018

@weathermoron aka @welfare_Mitch. Good news for you. The Republicans have abandoned libertarian policies and are providing welfare cheese for climate change deniers who live in flood zones.

sabbia | July 26, 2018

It IS a great quote by Phillip K. Dick, but not appropriate. Mitch never believed in the real.

You know, as some on his team have said, "there are makers and takers." Mitch will take a welfare bailout of his depressed property. But, opinions aside, I still he think he is cute. Odd that there haven't been any other votes.

MitchP85D | July 26, 2018

Free land to drill Ozone Hole Mike? Allow me to educate your ozone hole ass! Oil companies drill in LEASE BLOCKS paid to the United States Treasury! The US Federal government makes money off the oil companies whether the oil companies make money in the lease blocks or not!

MitchP85D | July 26, 2018

Hey Goebbels Apprentice, that welfare you are yakin' about is for those who DON'T PAY FLOOD INSURANCE PREMIUMS!!!!!

Those of us who DO pay flood insurance premiums are the ones providing funds for NFIP and FEMA. The more of us who pay flood insurance premiums outside of flood zones, the less Federal dollars that are needed to repair flood damage to homes and businesses!

By the way, speaking of who subsidizes who, BUSINESSES are the ones who bear the brunt of flood insurance costs. I know from personal experience. From 2008-2011, I owned a property 1/2 mile away from my home in the name of my LLP. My insurance premium for flood was $2,000 per year. The premium for my home was/is $425 per year!

MitchP85D | July 26, 2018

Hey sabby, is it safe to assume you are female? I am 99% sure of it. But if you aren't, I will have to come up with a new nickname for you!

SCCRENDO | July 26, 2018

@weathermoron aka welfare_Mitch. Do you know why your home premiums are $425 instead of $2k. Because the government has just agreed to pay NFIP your welfare cheese. So you are getting $1575 per year government welfare cheese and us poor taxpayers are paying for you.

SCCRENDO | July 26, 2018

@weathermoron. Is that bigoted homophobic mind of yours working overtime to confuse you as regards a nickname. I hope @Sabbia doesn't tell you. You should not treat anyone any differently based on gender or sexual prefererence. What I can tell is that @Sabbia is entitled to use any bathroom they might want to in California. But I guess if @Sabbia visits North Carolina you might have to stand outside the bathrooms and ask for an official ID before you let @sabbia enter. But be careful @sabbia has the "hots' for you and could come on to you.

Should_I | July 28, 2018

What about all those who choose to live where fire is a part of the ecosystem?
Think we should let them pay true insurance costs too?

Mike83 | July 28, 2018

People do pay heavily for fire insurance and some lose their homes with no recovery but since Fossil Fuel interests lie about their product which causes these problems it seems they should pay.

Should_I | July 28, 2018

Flood damage is often caused by ignored drainage needs ignored in decades past. Sure we were here 200 years ago to have an idea what floods but 200 years ago we didn't have concrete, asphalt, or near as many roofs etc. reducing the permeability of the land and channeling water into narrower corridors.

The house I grew up in was taken off it's foundation in 1955 but not once since so scientifically I can say flooding severity is reduced right?

SCCRENDO | July 28, 2018

@should_I. We have made many mistakes in the past. The difference here is that many of us here listen to the science and try adapt to the new reality. The climate change deniers on these boards refuse to accept the reality and the science either through ignorance or willfull denial. And when they suffer the consequences they deflect the blame. Houston has always been prone to flooding. But with climate change sea levels are rising and hurricanes are becoming more severe. To compound the problem, Houston has allowed building on wetlands which prevents water drainage. They also allowed houses to be built behind dams that overflowed, flooding the houses. This happens. But the crime is that some fail to learn the lessons and make changes. We are getting on the weathermoron’s case (aka welfare_Mitch) because he is a climate change denier and a libertarian who doesnt like taxation and welfare. Yet he is quite happy to take Federally subsidized flood insurance and wasnt shy to boast about how FEMA bailed him out. This is denial plus hypocrisy

Mike83 | July 30, 2018

A good read, I like "Failed to go extinct" comments.