2" Hitch carrier for just skis and snowboards, no bikes

2" Hitch carrier for just skis and snowboards, no bikes

I already have a tray-style Yakima 2" hitch carrier for 4 bikes (the hold-up -- much better than the top-tube racks). I have ski/snowboard whispbar roof racks for the model S. I'll need a ski/board solution for the model X that doesn't involve roof racks.

The Yakima and Thule hitch ski rack solutions are all add-ons to their top-tube hanger style bike racks. I don't want to buy another style of bike rack just to carry a ski and snowboard rack on top of that. It seems kludgy even if it wasn't expensive.

Does anyone have recommendations for a 2" hitch receiver rack that is specifically only for skis and snowboards? The only one I have found is Inno, and I am not familiar with that brand. I also haven't even figured out how to buy that with just the hitch and ski part and no bike accessories. If you buy just the ski part, you don't get the receiver (what's up with that?)

It would be hard to believe that nobody makes a high quality, locking, independent ski-snowboard hitch rack.

Finally, the reveal mentioned some sort of special hitch rack connection that a small child could do in seconds (magnetic?). Is that only for the 1.25" accessory hitch? Does it work with the 2" towing package? Are there any more details on it? Is it coming "soon"? The only Tesla official photo I could find with skis used the Yakima bike/ski rack.

JeffreyR | January 3, 2016

Elon claimed they made it during the reveal. Give your DS a call. Looked pretty cool to me in the video.

dbh | January 3, 2016

I will call as soon as I have a DS (confirmed 12/23). Thanks - didn't realize it was Tesla since they didn't use it on the picture I saw.

ian | January 3, 2016

You sound like you're on it dbh. I would keep an eye on the X accessory page. They didn't demonstrate how it would work with skis though. I'm wondering if someone makes a hitch mount for rooftop style ski boxes. Not likely, but a guy can hope.

dbh | January 3, 2016

I just watched that part of the reveal. The hitch looked at best like a prototype, without any actual anchors for anything yet. Hopefully they come out with a cool one, and it's reasonably priced.

Pbfoot | January 3, 2016

Great question dbh, I was wondering about this exact issue today as well. As you noted, both the Thule and Yakima systems that I found required one to have a bike rack system, and both had poor reviews on the websites I was looking at. I didn't find any other options so hopefully Elon will follow through on this.

dbh | January 3, 2016

We just have to keep waiting for that X accessories page I guess.

I sure am going to look forward to not putting chains on with the X (Tahoe has been awesome, but had to put tire chains on the S five times so far this year...getting better at it but still kind of sucks). But for the X to be as practical as the S it needs a good hitch rack setup for everything since the roof racks are gone.

vandacca | January 8, 2016

I used to have a roof-rack for the snowboards, but after driving 9 hours to the resort, the snowboards got hammered by salt and ice. Since then I've used a Thule box.

If there is going to be a hitch solution, all the ones I've seen thus far have been open to the elements. I think that our 4 snowboards will get hammered even worse than on a roof rack. I would want a completely enclosed hitch solution for our snowboards (yes, I'm probably dreaming here) or nothing. I'm hoping that I'll be able to fit them inside the X, since I'm not expecting to see an enclosed solution.

I'd be interested to learn if anyone else comes up with a solution or finds a better transporting product.

ken | January 9, 2016

@dbh and vandacca, I will let you know if there is any problem with my 15 minute drive from my driveway to Alta.

NumberOne | January 9, 2016

I am speculating in saying that I doubt the Towing package will accommodate the included Accessory hitch, but for those that just order the included accessory hitch, it is included and not a separate purchase. I am referring to the device shown at the reveal.

JeffreyR | January 9, 2016

Here is another idea:

- Max weight capacity by model:
Y8106 (66" wide crossbars) 250 lbs max.
Y8107 (78" wide crossbars) 300 lbs max.
- DOT and Transport Canada approved (fully certified).
- Lightweight aluminum frame for many years of service.
- 8' Extruded trailer tongue allows you to haul up to 19' foot
long kayaks and canoes.
- Locking levers with keys prevent theft of your trailer.
- Standard flat 4 light connector to vehicle.
- Perfect for kayaks, canoes, roof boxes and bikes
- Spoke aluminum alloy rim tires
- Folds flat for convenient storage against wall.
- Carrying handle turns lightweight trailer into a hand cart.
- Works with any Class I, II & III hitches when a standard
1-7/8" sized hitch ball is attached to receiver hitch.
- Optional Spare tire kit available.
- Optional Storage Bin available.

lightonwater | January 11, 2016

Thanks for this post Jeffrey. I've been hard pressed to envision a good solution for my bikes, and this looks like that and more. (they have bike solution when you follow link, as add-on). Appreciatively, James

vandacca | January 15, 2016

Thanks @JeffreyR. That's the best solution I've seen thus far.

koivan | January 15, 2016

The design studio is showing the accessory hitch back to 1.25" what is going on here. One day it's 1.25, another 2".???