40's Will Ship By May!

40's Will Ship By May!

Repost from GB in another thread -

gblankenship | FEBRUARY 24, 2013

Hi all,

Thanks for the various notes I received about our comment in the recent shareholder letter regarding delivery timing of 40 kWh battery cars.

The confusion is my fault. When I reviewed the shareholder letter, I read the portions related to my area and not the final summary at the end. In the summary it said we would be delivering 40 kWh battery cars "later this summer." That is correct for those who place a reservation now, but not for those who already have a reservation.

40 kWh battery modules are on schedule to start phasing into battery production in March. They will work their way to the vehicle production line in April and will begin final assembly into cars by the end of April. Customer deliveries will begin at the end of April or the first half of May...not "later this summer."

Sorry for the confusion. This is a few weeks after previously stated, but not a 3 to 4 month delay as shown in the shareholder letter.


Mark K | February 24, 2013

This fixes it for 40's. Very good news!

ChasF | February 25, 2013

Calm has been restored.

cloroxbb | February 25, 2013

Well that is good to hear/read. After all this talk tho, I bet some 40kwh reservationists still think they deserve a discount.

ChasF | February 25, 2013

cloroxbb - The situation is resolved in my mind. The whole reshuffling of the queue is still somewhat unfair, but seeing as how this is such a sensitive issue with some, I would advise against making comments like that and just call it done. Ultimately we all want to get along on this common journey. Your call.

cloroxbb | February 25, 2013

Not trying to argue about it. :)
Just saying that some expectations can be unrealistic. Consider it dropped.

mbergman | February 25, 2013

Only another 6-8 week delay that was previously unannounced, still unexplained and still not apologized for, and we are all rejoicing.

Don't get me wrong. I am happy too , and though I woke up this morning having decided to get a refund of my deposit, I will probably be going ahead with the purchase. But that is only because I do not want to continue to spew poison into the air, and I truly wish I had a suitable alternative to Tesla.

Astoundingly poor customer relations.

I have definitely regurgitated the Kool-Aid and won't be partaking of it again. I'm going back to lurking (at least until May).

EpicCombover | February 25, 2013

I don't see why people are calling this good news...

From George's email in December:
"40 kWh cars will begin production in March 2013. Deliveries will begin in March/early April."

This means that the 40 kWh is delayed again for the third time!

Chuck Lusin | February 25, 2013

I'm going to play it safe, and hold off on the extra mobile connectors and any additional wiring, until I see a 40 come off the line.

@mbergman "Astoundingly poor customer relations." Very true.

Even if it was a delay of a week, upper management should have passed that information on, and also should have posted a update "BEFORE" hell broke loose.

shop | February 25, 2013

Tesla isn't exactly the only car company in the world to have long lead times for new models. When Mercedes introduces a new SL coupe, you can easily be on a waiting list for a year. And have many totally unexplained delays, and no visibility into the production process or allocation process at all. At least Tesla is keeping people informed, which can't be said for nearly any other car company that has a hot long lead time car.

Brian H | February 25, 2013

The batteries will begin production then. Since they are part of the production line, by definition, the 40kWh cars will begin production in March. There was never a commitment, AFAIK, IIRC, to DELIVER 40s in March, or complete them. "Begin" means what it says.

Brian H | February 25, 2013

Correction: the previous latest (!) commitment was to "begin" production in March.

Mark K | February 25, 2013

Perfect execution rarely happens in the real world, especially in technology, but getting your car in May sure beats the heck out of September.

If you ordered a 40, you get your car soon, and at the 40's lower price, as you ordered.

Missteps? Yeah, but GB was contrite. Now it's onward and upward, and focusing on getting it done.

Would love to hear from folks in May when start they driving their new toys. I expect they'll be giddy.

Brian H | February 25, 2013

Yes, dawn of the Age of Supercommuters!

mbergman | February 25, 2013

Wait, Mark K., you don't have a reservation for a 40? Do you have a reservation at all?

If the situation arises in which a thread such as this is needed again, It would be a really good idea if it would be marked as private, and that those that aren't be ignored by those with a personal stake in the outcome.

That may go a long way towards not having to deal with self-appointed spokesmen and those whose only valuable contribution is that of a human spell checker. Okay, maybe "valuable" is not entirely accurate.

Mark K | February 25, 2013

mbergman - yes I have a res for a 40, and a P85. (Actually I have one more res too, as a surprise for someone who deserves it).

We are getting two in our family. My wife's 40 will be her daily driver, and the P85 is for fun and road trips. My current daily driver is an MB SL.

My suggestions to accommodate MVPA holders were to help them, and would not benefit me personally.

I was more interested in defending principle, those folks who trusted TM, and ultimately TM's public goodwill.

I agree that it's better to discuss issues like this in private, but other public threads were already started before I jumped in, so I thought whatever could be done to fix it should be available to the public too. That way prospective buyers could see how those issues raised were resolved.

I'm sorry you regard me as a self-appointed spokesperson, who adds no value. I simply spoke out as a matter of principle. I didn't think things were fair for 40 MVPA holders, and thought points needed to be said.

On balance, I would hope my observations did you and others some good. That is for you to decide.

Chuck Lusin | February 25, 2013

@Mark K,

Mark, I'm real sure that the last sentence was not intended for you.

defmonk | February 25, 2013

@Mark K,

Thanks for your leadership in this discussion. I have no problem with "self-appointed spokespersons," who engage users and extend the conversation about real issues. We shouldn't quell the useful to silence the useless.

Mark K | February 25, 2013

Thanks Chuck, very kind of you to say so. On the whole, there are wonderful people in this group.

Mark K | February 25, 2013

Thanks defmonk, your constructive words manifest what's so true about the spirit of this community.

mbergman | February 25, 2013

Sorry, Mark K., I'm just a bit testy lately. I had the impression from your last post referring to 40's reporting back when "they" get their new toys as an indication that you didn't have a reservation. As I had stated once before, somewhere, I did, and do, appreciate your efforts. Was just concerned, apparently without reason, that someone without a personal stake in the issue was attempting to guide the discussion. My apologies.

And there is only one human spell checker that frequents this forum, and you are definitely not him.

EcLectric | February 25, 2013

Breaking news: Near Riot averted after BMW says it will delay a month delivering the new 3-series....

Nah..... just kidding. Nobody cares about getting another ICE car.

Mark K | February 25, 2013

Very kind of you to say, mbergman, I'm grateful. No offense was taken. I do have empathy for how you felt.

cmeyers | February 25, 2013

As there isn't really an alternative just yet, I guess I will hang on a little longer.

I was doing some research on other electric cars this weekend and found it interesting that on SF Bay area Craig's list someone is selling a 60KWh right off the assembly line. Also there are already used 85s for-sale used locally and on ebay.

Crow | February 25, 2013

I do agree with @mbergman that future "pitchfork and torch" type threads need to be made private.

I would also like to point out that GB made an inadvertent error and apologized for the misunderstanding but we had a few people involved in this discussion who took that error, ran with it, made wild assumptions and jumped to conclusions. Their very public statements regarding Tesla's intent to produce the 40s were ugly. I haven't seen any of those people apologize for being completely wrong.

Mark K | February 25, 2013

Crow - a great way to move forward is to rise above criticism of those who may regret their remarks.

What matters is that the 40 is on its way, and I think its drivers will be thrilled with it.

Crow | February 25, 2013

Mark - I think when people step way over the line and know they are wrong they should acknowledge it. It's not really that hard. It's the right thing to do. But while we are on the subject of handing out unsolicited advice, here is mine specifically for you. Your tone is condescending although I am sure you think you are being helpful. You should watch that tendency of yours.

Mark K | February 25, 2013

I am sorry it made you feel that way Crow. No condescension was intended. When a wise friend taught me that truth, I wasn't angry with him. This wasn't advice to you, just a suggestion for the tone of our collective discussion.

Because it is clear that your heart is with seeing TM win, I would be happy if you simply saw it for how it might help that aim.

Anyway, you are certainly entitled to ignore my observations.

georgefmoses | February 25, 2013

My uselessness has been silenced thus far, but I can resist no longer, so I must repsond.
The entertainment value of this thread surpasses last night's Oscars. So much judgment among the self-appointed rank and remaining file!
I'm a 4o kwh reservasionsit since this past December. I perceive Mr. Blankenship's apology as somewhat heartfelt and delivery estimate as cautiously optomistic - not iron clad. Hoping for an end of May delivery. And hoping for a realisitc avg. of 150 miles of range.

Mark K | February 25, 2013

Much appreciated levity George! I think the EPA numbers will scale pretty linearly.

KeithE | February 25, 2013

Hi All,
Just wanted to chime in since there's not enough positive feedback from owners... I just picked up my 60kwh this weekend and wanted to remind everyone on this thread why you all are reservation holders. My experience with the S has been spectacular! The car is everything you've read and dreamed about. The performance, handling, technology is incredible and I gave up an Audi S4. . I just had my Nema 14-50 outlet installed today by solar city and it works great. So don't be discouraged by some of the growing pains. Yes, Tesla can do a better job communicating and managing customers from order to delivery, but keep in mind the challenges they are overcoming to bring you the greatest automobile ever created. This will improve over time. We should be here to support Tesla and the companies endeavors because we all will benefit from their innovation and hard work. There are too many critics, cynics and naysayers out there. Be patient! It is worth the wait.

gocken1 | February 25, 2013

I am confused by George's post. The 60kWh cars was to start production in January 2013. They did and the first cars were delivered mid January. The 40kWh car was to start production in March which should lead to a mid March delivery. Did the 60kWh batteries take 7 weeks? Did the 60kWh batteries actually start in November 2012? (George’s post has 4 in March and 3 in April for the 40kWh) I thought I read somewhere that it took about 2 weeks for a car to be built. This would mean that the 40kWh cars will start being delivered the first or maybe second week of May. By my calculations that makes a 7 week delay (from 3rd week of March to 2nd week of May). I myself would call that a 2 month delay. I don't want to be cynical but it sorta sound like it's a setup so when the schedule slips again for a few weeks we will be into summer. George's post sounds much better than just summer since to me summer is from June to September but it still sounds almost like summer.

Mark K | February 25, 2013

Gocken1 - I think GB acknowledged this is a few weeks delay from plan, but it sounds like that won't grow much, if at all. They now have a running line and production processes. That dramatically reduces the chance of further delay.

Compared with the very heavy lifting of the initial ramp up, minting this battery variant is a much more modest amount of work, with a lot less risk.

Your actual delivery date obviously depends on where you are in the build queue, but sounds like the first customers will get them in the first half of May.

Keith's comment was really nice - a reminder that despite the anxieties and anticipation, all this time and toil results in the something very beautiful, and really worth having.

Kind of reminds me how my wife reassured me about having our first kid.

She was so right.

Brian10 | February 25, 2013

If I read one more post from a 85kWh or 60kWh who has his/her car, is thrilled about it, and tells us 40kWh that it is worth the wait, I'm going to snap. I can't speak for all 40kWh reservation holders but for me, these kinds of posts do not make me feel better. They are well intentioned but they are only a reminder that the 40kWh has been delayed yet again with no explanation or apology from Tesla. I just want my car...and I don't want to read posts about how much others are enjoying theirs.

Mark K | February 25, 2013

Reading about it definitely sucks compared to driving it, so I can't blame you Brian.

Try staying off the Forum cold turkey for a week or two, and forget about it. That was the only therapy that worked for me.

davidslagle | February 26, 2013

I can't stress enough how canceling the Tesla S 40kWh will get me back to normal health and well being in my life. Cancellation initiated 2/26/13 11am ET with Raza in ownership experience. This eliminate anymore speculation. Now I'm positive what's in the future. I'm not getting a Tesla S 40kWh due to poor management.

Pungoteague_Dave | February 26, 2013


Sorry to see you go. This is a start-up and these things should be expected, so maybe this isn't the car for you. You feel roughly treated, and I get that. Perhaps after TM matures a few more months you will see your way to come back... these cars are truly amazing, life changing, etc. That seems like too much hyperbole, and I have my issues with both the design and TM management, but am glad that I put aside the concerns and jumped in.

Lots of others here say this, but this is a machine that becomes almost anthropomorphic - driving it will make you smile, and all the rest will be forgiven, including its limitations. I have decided to stop expecting Angelina Joilie to stack the firewood or carry the water...

Mark K | February 26, 2013

David - sounds like you made the best decision for your personal priorities.

The consuming public is heterogeneous, and no product satisfies everyone.

The residual learning for TM though, is that as awesome as the product is, many customers do have sensibilities that rule their buy decision, and TM has to improve the way it connects with them.

What I'm gleaning from the forum feedback is:

1. Product: A

2. Service: A

3. Buyer Support: C

Can't do it all perfectly on a short ramp-up, but TM is definitely leaving money on the table for not managing their pre-delivery, buyer experience better.

Until that's improved, mostly product-focused buyers will be the first to get it.

davidslagle | February 26, 2013

In 2 years after TM get more experienced and range cost isn't so expensive maybe I will take another look at them. I will also have a lot of different manufactures selection to compare. I got it right not doing it to soon. Pulling the trigger too fast could be disastrous. Thanks for your comment.

Mark K | February 26, 2013

If you wait 10 years, I'm sure they'll improve even more. So it all depends on when you want or need it.

For me at least, I need cars for my family, and I'm not buying any more gas cars.

gocken1 | February 26, 2013

Mark K, you did not address any issues or questions in my post. All you seem to be doing is trying to smooth the bad news and making it sound good. For example you state "This fixes it for 40's. Very good news!" on your first post. For me (and I would guess most others) it did not fix it for the 40's. The only thing GeorgeB has said is that it will be early summer (or a few weeks prior) not at the end as some were assuming. We are still looking at a 7 week delay and I am still not happy or satisfied with George's response.

gocken1 | February 26, 2013

I have another question. How may 40kWh's cars will be produced per week? Is TM going to make 10 a week or are we going to get priority and TM produces 300 per week?

ChasF | February 26, 2013

gocken1 - I have been as upset as anyone about the delay when it was announced, but you are not the first person to quote a "7 week" delay and I would like to know where this came from. I have always assumed the earliest I could get my car would be near the end of March. I believe Tesla only ever stated they would start 40kWh production in March - could have meant the beginning of March to the end of March. If you assume the latter, which would have been within Tesla's window, deliveries wouldn't begin until the beginning of April. Now George is saying deliveries could start at the end of April. That's only 3 to 4 weeks.

Chuck Lusin | February 26, 2013

I think that they should get caught back up on the back log. IMO, 100% at least until the reservation numbers get caught back up. Same thing with the Red, and non air. That would be fair.

gocken1 | February 26, 2013

ChasF, if you look at the 60kWh cars they were to start production in January. The first 60kWh delivered was I believe the 2nd or 3rd week of January. I am assuming the same would apply to the 40kWh cars, delivery mid March. If the 40kWh starts production (the 60kWh version) the first cars will be delivered one week sooner than mid May. Counting the weeks between mid March and mid May -1 week I get 7 weeks.

Brian H | February 26, 2013

But you don't get to count from the beginning of March. It so happened that was the "start" for the 60s, but much less alteration of the battery assembly was required (same cells, just fewer). And battery assembly is part of the production line, make no mistake.

So the mod of the battery assembly process to include a different cell etc. will be done in March, by the end of March, and that can feed into the main line a bit later. Production line debugging and intensive pre-testing will be concentrated during that period.

Do you imagine that TM wants to delay delivering 40s as long as possible because they sell for less? That would be stupid management, and TM has achieved the near-impossible so far, which rather argues against that label.

Mark K | February 26, 2013

gocken1 - If you think I gave TM a free ride, read all my posts in "40's Need a Fix". Principle is principle and I held them to it.

It could have turned out very bad. By affirming the schedule, TM resolved the core problem. Thank god they did.

If you are anxious for your car, any delay sucks. No denying it. But in a manufacturing program of this scale, 3-4 weeks delta is a blip. March is days away.

It is what it is. Deal with it, and delight in your car when you get it.

To me, this thread is old news now. Time to focus energy instead on getting a projected date from your rep for when you get your car.

mbergman | February 27, 2013

Jeez, Mark K., if this thread is old news to you, then stop reading it and responding to it. I am not sure why you feel the urge to tell other people what they should focus their energy on. Others, clearly, still are not happy and would like to express their displeasure.

Chasf, I characterized the delay as 6-8 weeks early in this thread, and still consider that to be reasonable for roughly the same reasons expressed by gocken1. Maybe I am the culprit you are looking for.

Mark K | February 27, 2013

Mbergman - sold.

gccken1 asked for a response, but now you have let me off the hook. Bless you! You guys take it from here and vent as needed.

I will be happy to hear when each of you get some solid word about your actual delivery dates. I hope you guys get your cars real soon and are pleased.

See you on the other threads.