Anyone else have an electric scooter for their MS?

Anyone else have an electric scooter for their MS?

I got the EcoReco electric scooter.

Discount code EVSCOOTER

I use it when staying at a hotel, and the charger is not right there. Worked perfectly in Natick and Worcester when hotel was about half-mile or so away (yes, I could have walked and did before I got the scooter. Second accessory purchase - first was the book "Tesla Model S – Best Car Ever!". My wife asked if I considered a Tesla hat instead.

I keep it in the underneath part of the trunk.

Also have a folding bike which I bring when I can, but it takes up a lot of room. Even if the scooter is in the trunk, it takes much less space than the bike.

Brian H | October 3, 2014

Just to blow some susceptible minds, ride along on the scooter wheeling the bike!

Red Sage ca us | October 4, 2014

tes-s: Very nice to see the EV Scooter fits so well in the basement! It might be a good idea to have a couple of those instead of the third row of seats for the kids. Unfortunately, I've never been able to ride these types of scooters properly. My feet are too big, my legs are too long, and the handle doesn't adjust high enough to be controlled safely.

tes-s | October 4, 2014

@Red - you should check this one out. I'm 6' and don't raise the handlebar to the highest position. The base is plenty wide and long. When I have a chance, I'll get some measurements for you.

Anthony J. Parisio | October 4, 2014

So cool! where did you get it?

tes-s | October 4, 2014
Discount code EVSCOOTER

Website has pictures and videos.

P.Mac | October 4, 2014

Great idea! Is it possible charge the scooter by plugging it into the 12 V jack on the Tesla?

P.Mac | October 4, 2014

Great idea! Is it possible charge the scooter by plugging it into the 12 V jack on the Tesla?

lolachampcar | October 4, 2014

Boosted Board was my solution for flying into airports on cross country trips. Muni Airports are usually five or more miles away from the nearest hotel so having a backpack loaded with my stuff and a Boosted Board solves the problem of having to sleep in the plane :)

Mike83 | October 4, 2014

Although it looks like a good idea I have folding bikes that fit nicely in the back with the seats folded we have more than enough room. The fruck has our other stuff but is usually empty for shopping stuff. On a trip to Mendocino we carried everything traveling 240 miles with 40 miles left.
The main reason I prefer muscle powered bikes is that we keep in shape, keep trim, can do bike paths, develop a good appetite, see the sites close up and take pictures, etc.
I would like to see improved folding bikes; we have Breezers with 8 speeds and water holders. I use a front bag that has a see through part for maps. It weighs in at 20 lbs. Kids really are in awe of these bikes for some reason. Possibly they look like the trick bikes used in competition.
But for some an electric scooter is a good idea.

Iowa92x | October 4, 2014

Airwheel for me, so friggin' fun. Self balancing single wheel, half a Segway.

tes-s | October 4, 2014

It does not come with a 12v charger, but the charger is 145w so it could probably be powered from the 12v. I just plug it in at home or at the hotel if needed.

bejachb | October 4, 2014

I have an extra long charging cord, it coils up into the frunk, and is attached to battery operated retractor. So if I check into a Hotel or another place and the level two charger is ICED, I just park nearby open the frunk, uncoil the cable, plug in and go. Works great.

JKL | October 4, 2014

tes-s: What Discount code EVSCOOTER can get you? Free shipping?

thranx | October 4, 2014

And at a 135k supercharger, the whole thing charges to full in 30 seconds.

Brian H | October 4, 2014

The "fruck"? What do you do in there?

Brian H | October 4, 2014

And gives you a free launch to low orbit. But the booster disconnect is a bummer!

Mike83 | October 4, 2014

It is a good place to hide from the walking dead.

tes-s | October 5, 2014

@Mike - I like my folding bike too. Fits nicely in the trunk and is great when we don't have much other stuff. I did take the scooter once when I had the bike with me - it was raining lightly, and didn't want to get the bike (and me!) all wet. Scooter didn't spray up the water from the road like the bike does.

tes-s | October 5, 2014

@JKL - yes, free shipping with that discount code, about $75 for us.

tes-s | October 5, 2014

@Red - I measured the handle. It is 40" above the base at the highest setting. I am 6' (well, used to be...) and I don't use the highest setting. Base is also big - 6x21 inches.

Red Sage ca us | October 5, 2014

OK, it's probably substantially larger than the Razor Scooters that kids use then. I think those are maybe 3"x15" at the base... I can barely fit one foot on them. I wore size 10-1/2 shoes when I graduated high school, but grew a couple of inches taller while I wasn't looking, and now wear size 14. I'm 6'-1", but my arms and legs are about as long as those for someone who stands 6'-4" or so.

eddiemoy | October 5, 2014

i have a airwheel also, but still unable to master it, less than 5 attempts.. havent really had the time to try hard.

i also have a goped esr1000, upgraded torkinator motor and gearing... can go 40mph, foldable. discontinued, but this is the closest to it now!

working on a goped trailripper quad conversion like this guy! fun little project.

eddiemoy | October 5, 2014

also may convert brompton to electric as well... hands down the best folding bike ever made!

boys and their toys... the brompton fits in the frunk!

tes-s | October 6, 2014

+1 @eddiemoy! Now that is a scooter!!!

If it were 30lbs and would fit in the space under the trunk I would definitely have bought that one. My wallet would be a little lighter, but that is an awesome machine and worth the price.

My wife folds this one up and easily puts it in the car. One or our criteria...for our folding bike too, which we love.

bevguy | October 6, 2014

not available yet but this one looks interesting if expensive

tes-s | October 7, 2014

That bike looks nice! A little pricey, but I like the way you can fold it and walk with it. I think it may even be small enough to fit under the trunk.

rjp | October 7, 2014

I test rode one of those scooters a couple of weeks ago - quite fun, although a little scary. The pics are great - I got a laugh out of a Tesla owner parking to charge and then riding this little scooter to the hotel. :-)

tes-s | October 7, 2014

I resemble that comment!! Glad you were amused. Were you in MA by chance? :)

I've yet to wipe out - but when I'm messing around with it doing things someone my age shouldn't be doing, I do wear a helmet.

DTsea | October 7, 2014

12v outlet is off 12v battety... so don't do that.

sperber53 | October 7, 2014

It really bugs me that I will never be able to ride the ecoreco, the GoPed or that Stigo ... any motorvehicle in Germany must have a license plate, and for that you must have all the proper lights, signals, a horn ... Riding one without a plate is uninsured driving here, and the penalty is STIFF.

tes-s | October 7, 2014

Sorry to hear that. Legal here in the US - even gas powered less than 50cc don't require registration.

I love the scooter - I get as many looks and questions when I pull it out as I do about the MS! Even better if my wife pulls it out while I plug in the charger - much more impressive when she does it.

SeattleSid | October 7, 2014
bevguy | October 7, 2014

A folding bicycle sounds cheaper but some people because of disabilities or fragile bones can't ride a bike safely. A scooter is better, especially if it has a seat allowing a lower center of gravity.

In the US riding a scooter on the road might not be legal, depending on the state or type of scooter. You could ride on the sidewalk, but often that's illegal too. But your chances of getting caught are not too high. Peculiarly,, a bicycle is legal though it presents just as much hazard to users and other drivers as a non road approved scooter.

tes-s | October 8, 2014

The folding bike in the picture and the scooter both cost about the same.

JayBoy | October 8, 2014

I have one of these on order for the frunk.

TMC Canuck | October 8, 2014

Well, reading this thread just cost me $999US. Thanks for the EVSCOOTER code tes-s since it saved me on shipping to my mail service in Blaine, WA which is real close to where I live in South Surrey BC.

I read the reviews, watched the YouTube videos, and had to get one. I showed it to my wife, and told her I will drop her off at the hotel with the luggage and scoot back, and she laughed. I guess I'll have to get used to that! ;)

Captain_Zap | October 8, 2014

Would Code Orange give me the eye for ICEing if I pulled up in one of these?

I got an electric scooter about 10 years ago. The battery didn't have a long life at all. I guess it is time to look at them again.

tes-s | October 9, 2014

Congrats on your purchase @TMC Canuck! My wife said I was the only one crazy enough to purchase a $100,000 car and ride a bike or scooter a mile from the charger to the hotel. Welcome to the asylum!

TMC Canuck | October 15, 2014

Thanks Tes-s. The scooter is great. It really goes and is easy to ride and handle. Just a question for you: Do you keep it charged up when not in use? I charge it until the green light and keep it in the back of my car. I wonder if that harms the battery?

tes-s | October 19, 2014

You got it fast! Glad you like it. Yes,I usually charge it up when it gets to about half - and then I charge it all the way. This battery is not supposed to have memory - it is a different type of lithium battery.

TMC Canuck | November 24, 2014

I emailed EcoReco and asked them about charging. I was told that the battery will last longer if you don't keep it fully charged. They said it's best to be operated between 80 and 20 range. I keep it one bar down unless I need a full charge which so far has been never.

jbunn | November 24, 2014

I saw my first electric unicycle last week in San Francisco! It was so cool! I've wanted to try one. Perfect for the frunk.

@eddiemoy, let me know if you give up on it. I'm at Hotmail.

tes-s | November 24, 2014

It is a lithium iron phosphate battery, so does not have the same characteristics as the MS battery. I've had mine for a couple of months now; I just charge it when it gets down to 1 or 2 bars of charge.

This scooter has been great - stays in the "basement" (underneath part of the trunk) all the time.

Some recent "scoots" were around the Princeton and Bucknell campuses, all around Boston and Cambridge, and at Annapolis.

Princeton (and I'm sure all college campuses) are bike/scooter friendly. Princeton was just touring, but at Bucknell there is a HPWC (40a) on the edge of campus at the top of the hill. It was pretty nice scooting up to the HPWC from the very bottom of the hill at their sports complex!

Boston and Cambridge are the most bike/scooter friendly places I've been. Bike paths everywhere through the cities, and along the Charles. Nice to see everything in a short time. Used the charger at MIT (Chargepoint $.50/hr 6kW J1772 find it on plugshare). 4-hr limit, but FREE parking (no permit required).

Annapolis is better for walking than scooting, but played with it a little there. Parking/charging is in a garage at St. John's College about half mile from town/Naval Academy (Chargepoint free 6kW J1772, parking free 6pm Friday through 6am Monday).

And yes, my wife and I do lots of walking too - and when we are together we take turns with the scooter and folding bike - you know, I bike and she scoots, then she scoots and I bike. :)

Lots of fun; can't imagine EV trips without our EV scooter!

Use discount code EVSCOOTER when you order your scooter(s).

Iowa92x | November 24, 2014

I have an electric Airwheel, self balancing mono wheel. It's like half a Segway. Segway cost thousand, you can pick one of these of for $500 with direct shipping from China factory. Takes some time to learn, but once mastered is much more agile than a Segway and 20 some lbs.

TMC Canuck | November 27, 2014 - when you state that "it is a lithium iron phosphate battery, so does not have the same characteristics as the MS battery" that's not how I read the studies.

It's the lithium cathode that degrades when fully charged, fully discharged, or subjected to excessive heat or cold. According to the studies, this is regardless of the remainder of the properties of the battery. The only exception to this is surrounding properties can be used to minimize heat/cold degradation but not fully charged or discharged batteries.

hbh24 | March 2, 2015

I just ordered a E-Twow Booster. I will post what I think of it after I receive it.

logicalthinker | March 2, 2015

There are a couple other options for Last-Mile Transportation, as I posted in another thread recently.

$599 Li-ion scooter:

$999 Backpack/electric skateboard
This one allows you to look like just some dude on a skateboard with your backpack propped on it somehow -- and then when you get to your destination, you simply have a backpack/carry case with wheels and a handle. It's as close to normal as any last-mile transportation gets.

If you want to be an uber-geek, level redface awkward (IMHO):

Brian H | March 3, 2015

I am not sure yet whether the movpak is $1K or $2k. The failed Kickstarter offered the $1k as a 50% discount bonus, an inducement for early purchase. The site relaunched after the failure, but pricing info is hard to find; I registered, but haven't "purchased" yet, but have requested info. We'll see. | March 4, 2015

Looks very usable. Signed up for delivery $1094 including freight ( sometime April ). Let see how it works.

tes-s | March 4, 2015

Did you use the discount code? Should have gotten free shipping.